illuminated Wisdom

Transform Your Life

“That’s the gift of conscious awakening: when we change our relationship to life, we change our life.”

Are you ready to change your life? Do you desire to consciously apply your spirituality to your life? Is it time for your partnership to be reborn in deeper love? Would you benefit from guidance that integrates the intuitive to the practical? Sonya Amrita offers sessions for awakening/evolving individuals, partners and teams that illuminate wisdom to liberate and transform all areas of life.

Sonya’s unique and powerful perspective combines her intuitive gifts and life experience and enables her clients to resolve core issues and access clarity of purpose and vision—often in a single session.

From your work with Sonya, you will:

  • View your life through a lens of wholeness
  • Bring life to what brings you joy and fulfillment
  • Freely access higher wisdom and body intelligence
  • Gain freedom from self-imposed limitations
  • Release underlying mental and emotional patterns that are the source of blocks and conflicts
  • Sustain immediate and far-reaching life change

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“Sonya holds a mirror to the life right in front of us and to the self we already know, the one we sense is possible, and (gently) the one perhaps we’d rather not see. Then she lifts this mirror to fifty thousand feet, sorting, affirming and clarifying next steps and the tools in our spiritual kit to take along with us.” ~ KC, writer and photographer