Three Keys for Living Divine Abundance

Years ago, in the middle of the night, I had a startling and spontaneous awakening to Divine Abundance. Ever since, I’ve been on a journey to know the pure essence of Divine Abundance and live in its flow in an embodied way.  From my personal and my clients’...

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Ten Truths About Divine Abundance

Years ago I was sitting in a hotel lobby, on a break during a business conference, and I was inquiring very intensely “What is the real truth about money?” I felt like I’d been in a haze of story and illusion about money and I wanted to see the truth. Suddenly I saw...

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Awaken to Divine Abundance Video

I was surprised to have an awakening to abundance – after awakening to emptiness, oneness, and love! I had not heard other awakening teachers talk about the vastness of abundance specifically. So I wanted to share this first of three videos about Abundance with you so...

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Receiving the Light of Christ Consciousness

I was called to write this spontaneous post for you after a beautiful meditation this morning on the purity of Christ Consciousness and how it is wanting to ground, root and be embodied on this Earth. This process has very little to do with “being a Christian,”...

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The Tricky Mystery of Divine Love

I feel passionate about sharing the Truth of Love because I see over and over again how holding back love limits my clients and students. It’s a strange experience to watch them hurt when a key part of their solution is literally at their fingertips, immediately...

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A Mystic’s Take On the 2016 US Election

My Experience I can’t pretend I’ve had some glorious, blissful response to this election. My heart hurts anytime humanity turns to darkness. My heart hurts as I watch people choose racism, inequality, and misogyny. My heart hurts when I see the double standard for...

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