Death…And Choosing Life

In mid-December, my mother-in-law passed away. Before Alzheimer’s took hold, she was a laughing, vital, alive woman. She had the power to love her whole family and community in the biggest way, and the power to love each individual so sweetly and uniquely.  True to...

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Video: Reclaiming the Sacred in Business

  This video explores: The liberating, simple definition of business How to choose business by and for Divine Consciousness Conscious Entrepreneurs and Secret Agents of Awareness in all industries The principles of Sacred Business Stories about awakening at work...

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You Were Born Knowing Unconditional Love

One of my greatest heartbreaks is watching my students and friends I love dearly hold themselves back from heart awakening because they think they can't, or they aren't worthy, or that they have to jump through some hoop to get there. Sometimes they know Divine Love –...

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Welcoming All of You Home

Many people, as they awaken, experience a feeling of “coming home.” Remembering you are One with the Divine is Home. Opening your heart to the Infinite Love of God is Home. Remembering the Divine Wisdom within and around you is Home. Awakening can start simply with...

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Embracing Diversity, Differences, and Uniqueness

Every week, inevitably some of my clients ask for help with relationship conflicts. The reasons for the conflicts are diverse and numerous, but most of the time it boils down to one salient truth: two people are very different and have not done enough to embrace and...

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Reclaiming The Sacred in Business

When I was in high school and college, I resented the business world. I was a spiritual artist at that time in my life, and the business world seemed to be against everything I valued most. I associated it with greed, manipulation, sexism, racism, and a disregard of...

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