The Power of Renewal Rituals

Children are in a constant state of renewal. They have many rituals to mark their evolution – birthdays, first and last days of school, graduating to the next grade, growth spurts, etc. As adults plateau in their lives, they can get lazy about renewal and change. They...

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Beyond the Obvious – Recognizing Possibilities

Years ago, my spirit guides (a large collective of awakened teachers and ascended masters) started teaching me about one of humanity’s most tragic blind spots. They showed me how we frequently and easily we get tunnel vision; as soon as we get fixated on one way of...

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Three Keys for Living Divine Abundance

Years ago, in the middle of the night, I had a startling and spontaneous awakening to Divine Abundance. Ever since, I’ve been on a journey to know the pure essence of Divine Abundance and live in its flow in an embodied way.  From my personal and my clients’...

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Ten Truths About Divine Abundance

Years ago I was sitting in a hotel lobby, on a break during a business conference, and I was inquiring very intensely “What is the real truth about money?” I felt like I’d been in a haze of story and illusion about money and I wanted to see the truth. Suddenly I saw...

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Awaken to Divine Abundance Video

I was surprised to have an awakening to abundance – after awakening to emptiness, oneness, and love! I had not heard other awakening teachers talk about the vastness of abundance specifically. So I wanted to share this first of three videos about Abundance with you so...

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