Reclaiming The Sacred in Business

When I was in high school and college, I resented the business world. I was a spiritual artist at that time in my life, and the business world seemed to be against everything I valued most. I associated it with greed, manipulation, sexism, racism, and a disregard of...

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The Power of Renewal Rituals

Children are in a constant state of renewal. They have many rituals to mark their evolution – birthdays, first and last days of school, graduating to the next grade, growth spurts, etc. As adults plateau in their lives, they can get lazy about renewal and change. They...

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Beyond the Obvious – Recognizing Possibilities

Years ago, my spirit guides (a large collective of awakened teachers and ascended masters) started teaching me about one of humanity’s most tragic blind spots. They showed me how we frequently and easily we get tunnel vision; as soon as we get fixated on one way of...

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