to your True Nature, the Divine within you and all around you ending the pain of ego confusion and separation.


awakened wisdom and love in every aspect of your life, and live in grace, love, and in alignment with Divine truth


into a new species of awakened human; create new ways of being, new relationships, and new pathways of exchange in work, inspiring others to follow.



I bring their future enlightened self into the present moment. I see, activate and catalyze what is already awake within them and their Divine Potential with compassion and love. I clear hidden obstacles that prevent their awakening, embodiment, and evolution.

I take them from an old paradigm- and their fundamental assumptions of how life is – and take them beyond all the paradigms together so that they live in true alignment as their awakened wisdom, Divine heart, and true potential, whatever that might look like for them.

“I am thrilled to be able to share how Sonya brought a great evolution of my consciousness through my work with her over the years. Sonya is a pure integration of enlightened consciousness, clarity of the future world vision appearing now, the healing consciousness and the divine feminine compassion and truth.  She is a powerful world leader, guiding others into the new consciousness and bringing them the gift of their own freedom now, here to claim forever.”

-GB, Corporate Exec and Spiritual Teacher

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Awaken at Work – Consciousness in Business

Saturday, April 25, 2020 @ 10am-12noon (Pacific Time)

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Awaken, Embody, Evolve: In Life

Harvest awakening from your spiritual path and the challenges of your life; liberate ego confusion, empower what is already awake within you, heal your life, and become a new species of awakened human. LEARN MORE


Awaken, Embody, Evolve: At Work

One of the most powerful paths of awakening is work and business. When you activate awakened wisdom at work, you can realize your true Divine potential and catalyze an evolutionary revolution in your work community. LEARN MORE

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