About Sonya

Sonya Amrita Biblyos

“My service is a culmination and alchemy of my abilities and experiences, practical and spiritual, inside and out.”

As with many great teachers, Sonya’s life is the ground of her work: she has lived it. Here’s her story, in her own words.

So far, I have led a remarkable and eclectic life. Raised in a Russian and Greek Orthodox Christian household, spirituality and mysticism were woven into my daily life. Early on I began to develop an unusually intense relationship with Christ and God. Born with a natural intuitive and healing ability, my psychic abilities began to increase in my teenage years; I was fortunate to meet and work with healers at that time who opened the door to spiritual and energetic healing.

While studying as an over-achiever student at Northwestern University, I began a process of deep emotional and physical healing, transforming my childhood trauma and relationships. I began to experience how God could be the source of all healing. Studying other religions in my classes allowed me to experience the Divine in new ways, paving the way for me to recognize God in everything.

After graduating from Northwestern with honors, I was hired as a professional artist, actor, and storyteller. My healing and spiritual journey continued to deepen. Later I began to grow my skills in the corporate sector, working as a Silicon Valley data geek in sales operations and in non-profits in multiple capacities. In 2002, I met the Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta spiritual teacher Adyashanti and ultimately worked as his Program Director at Open Gate Sangha.

Exploring and practicing many spiritual traditions accelerated my healing, helped me recognize the deep Truth inherent in the spectrum of spiritual teachings as well as within us, in nature, and all around us. It has allowed me to hear a deeper calling to something beyond my personality or life.

Though I have studied different energy modalities, ultimately what I’ve learned has come from experimentation and discovery – both a scientific and creative process. It lives and breathes and is always evolving. I offer it with a sense of love, gratitude and humility.

“Sonya invites and encourages her clients to come into greater authenticity and wholeness in all aspects of life. By her very presence, she has taught me a new way to be in the world. Her insights are loving and direct; creating a ripple effect in my life that has lasted and deepened. Being with Sonya has been a beautiful and compassionate gift.” ~ SK, MBA student

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