Awaken, Embody, Evolve: In Life


butterfly-on-flowers_zJLDnFHOWhen you are called to awaken, Universal Wisdom will illuminate all old wounds, beliefs, blocks and challenges that are ready to be liberated so that you can experience your True Divine Nature.

Sometimes these challenges arise within spiritual path and practice. Sometimes they arise within the stuff of life. If you can see that these challenges are your awakening teachers, you can receive the lessons and catapult your awakening and embodiment journey and experience greater wisdom, liberation and love.

I know from my own experience that no one can do this whole process by themselves; we all need mirrors to affirm our Divine Nature and the right guides to show us what we cannot see on our own. I am called to be a guide to support you to:


  • Recognize and embrace the Divine wisdom and opportunity piercing through emotions, challenges, and conflicts
  • Release programming, assumptions, and habits to make way for a new way of being in the world
  • Embody Wisdom in every area of your life, and bring every area of life into alignment with your Divine Nature
  • Recognize and embody the wonder of your true Divine Potential

New clients:

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“Because you see so many different facets of awakening in life you can help us see a unified perspective of our lives – bridging the areas, to see them as all part of the one movement in us, leaving nothing out.” – M.R., Creative Director


“When I first met with Sonya, in a way I cannot express, something cracked open beyond my intellectual understanding: a most wonderful point-of-no-return and divine example of the teacher appearing when the student is ready. Sonya has been, and continues to be, the most potent spiritual catalyst in my life.” ~ MA, writer and actor


“Each time I meet with this vivacious sprite of a woman I keep marveling at how so much wisdom has been packed into such a youthful person. Sonya has seen me through a number of issues and she’s been able to meet me in whatever realm I presented. Her clear perspective offers both lightness and depth but she has shown a flexibility of being able to work in many ranges of experience. For example, I’ve been amazed at her ability to stay firmly anchored within her loving self while being able to match and hold the energy of powerful emotions within a particularly explosive marital conflict. And she’s been able to help me navigate through deeper complexities of abuse from a spiritual teacher. She’s consistently able to point to ever deepening truth while energetically healing inner children that still show up to be heard and seen. Sonya’s familiarity and clear devotion to the spiritual realms expresses through all she does, and it expresses in very practical, balanced ways.” ~ HC, cranio-sacral practitioner


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