Awaken, Embody, Evolve: Through Story


bigstock-Monarch-Butterfly-52550926Story, whether it’s biographical or fiction in nature, can be a powerful portal to awakened consciousness, because it can suspend the mind in a way that allows you to receive the Divine Nature that is always and ever present. Awakening through story does not always have to happen through “spiritual” story, but can happen through the most surprising sources of story – all kinds of genres of fiction through writing, TV, spoken word, and movies.

Since my first profession and love was professional acting and storytelling, I am called to create alchemy of story, awakening, and shamanic transformation. Soon I will be sharing with you a series of new offerings around story – written and spoken word – plus teachings around others’ fiction stories that can be used as gateways for awakening. If you are interested in this, please keep in touch with me! It will fuel my creative process.


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