Awaken, Embody, Evolve: at Work

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Academy butterfly orange flower 5Most people don’t realize the incredible spiritual potential that work and business have to offer.

Are you deeply devoted to your awakening path? Then I want to support you to experience how work and business can give you:

  • A creative way to awaken and realize that the Divine is everywhere, even at work
  • The opportunity to integrate and embody the greatest depths of Divine wisdom and love
  • An empowering place to practice self-less action and service

Are you inspired by work and business? Then I want to help you experience how awakening can give you:

  • Incredible clarity of your purpose and call, without either the diminishing or exaggerating effect of the ego
  • Access to aligned and true action – which eliminates limitations and eases conflicts
  • Revelation of your potential
  • Inspiration to build new pathways and networks for evolutionary business

The cultural fear and division between spirituality and work/business is one of the most tragic confusions and limitations in our culture. Join me in realizing the potential of a revolution of awakened, embodied, evolutionary business.

New clients:

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“Sonya recognized in me the many gifts I was here to give to the World. She was unwavering in knowing my True Value and had the ability to define my gifts in a way that I could practically integrate. I found that her loving and practical guidance and the power of her unwavering vision to be a priceless gift. I will be forever grateful that she guided me to the fulfillment of my own unique divine purpose.” ~ GB, corporate exec and spiritual teacher

“Sonya has helped me tremendously to build my ability to negotiate complex work dynamics. Sonya’s knowledge from her work life has been incredibly valuable wisdom that has helped me develop new ways of looking at every work dynamic as an opportunity to deepen my understanding and compassion for my colleagues. Sonya has helped me navigate hostile work situations with ease. I will forever be grateful to Sonya for her guidance, wisdom, laughter, and her many talents as she has helped me navigate more freely and honestly the tricky waters of work and life.” ~ H.K., Non-profit Manager

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