Now More Than Ever, Find Out What’s True

In the age of fake news and growing conspiracy theories, discerning the truth is more critical than ever.  I have been astonished by the quantity of misinformation on social media right now, even in educated and liberal circles. The human brain being what it is, we...

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Bold New Frontiers for a New Year

Most people don’t realize their full potential. They often play below their potential, stuck in some safety zone of status quo that they learned from their families, friends, or communities. Here’s what I know about you: You are unique. Your devotion to your...

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The Gift of a Paradigm Shift

When you are feeling stuck, frustrated, at your edge, and you can't figure out the way out or forward, and the things you've been trying aren’t working… then it's probably time for a paradigm shift. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines paradigm shift as, “An important...

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Seven Levels to Abundance Flow: Find the Dam in the River

Have you ever felt frustrated by teachings about finances and abundance? I know I have. Either we are given financial advice that is all head and no heart, and not about wisdom or integrity. Or we are asked to believe that God’s got everything; just use prayer and...

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Why Heal?

My father-in-law, Carl, is an interesting oppositional teacher. As you read in my last email about his passing, he could be abusive and challenging. In fact, as my husband met with the funeral home director, attorney, financial advisor, other family members, etc., he...

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A New Beginning…And Another Death

When I woke up this morning, I realized I needed to tell you the honest story about the passing of my father-in-law, Carl. In my last article I shared the story of my mother-in-law's death. Mike, my husband, and I suspected that Carl would pass quickly after that; he...

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Death…And Choosing Life

In mid-December, my mother-in-law passed away. Before Alzheimer’s took hold, she was a laughing, vital, alive woman. She had the power to love her whole family and community in the biggest way, and the power to love each individual so sweetly and uniquely.  True to...

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Video: Reclaiming the Sacred in Business

  This video explores: The liberating, simple definition of business How to choose business by and for Divine Consciousness Conscious Entrepreneurs and Secret Agents of Awareness in all industries The principles of Sacred Business Stories about awakening at work...

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You Were Born Knowing Unconditional Love

One of my greatest heartbreaks is watching my students and friends I love dearly hold themselves back from heart awakening because they think they can't, or they aren't worthy, or that they have to jump through some hoop to get there. Sometimes they know Divine Love –...

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