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Get to the Real Root of Your Ego Patterns

This video is a recording of Sonya’s presentation at the Center for Non-Dual Awareness Retreat in Portland, OR on May 8, 2015. Here are a few helpful details to know:

About the Center for Non-Dual Awareness: The Center is a non-profit member organization that gathers together teachers and practitioners of all kinds who are devoted to supporting others to awaken to True Divine Nature within and in all of life. http://nondualcenter.org/

About Awakening: Awakening is a term used in many senses and ways – here in this talk Sonya specifically means Awakening Beyond your understanding of small self to realize your True Divine Nature, it’s oneness with all things, and the Infinite consciousness that moves through you as you and all of life.

Get the most out of this video: Create a retreat-at-home
This talk was given in the context of a very deep retreat, so here are suggestions for receiving the best content and transmission from this talk and for having a mini-retreat in your own space:
1. Create sacred space; set aside about 90-minutes, turn off phones and other distractions, light a candle, anything else that feels like sacred space to you
2. Meditate in silence for 10-15 minutes before watching the video
3. Connect to your inner wisdom before, during and after watching the video. Usually people connect to their Inner Wisdom in their heart or gut; just place your hand on your heart or gut and breathe into your Wisdom Center to connect to it.
4. After the video, write down any insights that you have, including anything your Inner Wisdom feels, senses, and knows.

Enjoy the video!

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