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Your Unique Soul Code: Unlocking Your Divine Potential

Your Unique Soul Code: Unlocking Your Divine Potential

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What You Will Discover from Your Unique Soul Code: Unlocking Your Divine Potential

  • How opening to your Divine Potential is part of spiritual awakening
  • How the keys to your potential are written in your soul, like a unique code
  • The Five Capacities you need to realize your divine potential
  • Ten Ways to discover your soul code
  • The difference between false and true limitations

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About Sonya


Sonya experienced a series of life-changing awakenings while she was working at a Silicon Valley software company, and later while working for her spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, as his Program Director. She has been offering spiritual energetic healing and intuitive guidance to individuals and couples for over ten years, supporting them to awaken and live their awakening in every area of their lives.

“Among her many, many gifts, Sonya is a clear channel of loving wisdom. A teacher and healer to the core of her being, Sonya supports individuals to uncover and clarify the truth that resides inside. In this way, my work with her has been a path of wondrous internal exploration, deep confirmation, and profound relationship-making with the divine teacher within.” ~ RS, Therapist and Shaman

“What an amazing sacred loving cradle of safety you are in holding my personal truth! It’s such a blessing and privilege to have you as my teacher!” ~ TS, Corporate Executive

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