Private Sessions

Catalyze your awakening, embodiment and evolution

In private session, I will deeply and empathically listen to what is happening in you and your life, and from this attuned place will see beyond the obvious to the deep roots of patterns and the bigger picture of your potential. I will offer intuition, Divine guidance, energy work, and practical life experience that supports you to

  • Embrace and embody your true Divine potential and awakened wisdom
  • Heal and liberate old wounds and confused beliefs
  • Integrate Divine Wisdom, Truth and Love into work, relationships, health, and all of life

This work will pave the way for you to create a new life generated by love, abundance and wisdom – instead of scarcity, fear, and habit.

We will explore any aspect of your life

Because every area of life is a portal to awakening, embodiment and evolution, I will explore any topic or area of life with you. Sometimes you might need a deep multidimensional healing, a practical re-alignment, or a re-frame of perception. Approaching each issue holistically activates the maximum potential of integrating  wisdom and love in all areas of your life. Scroll down for more specific details on different Awakening at Work Sessions.

Private Sessions are for you if:

  • You have been called to awaken
  • You have been through therapy or other modalities and you are ready for deeper healing, freedom, and integration
  • You want to bring your work, relationships, life to the next level of alignment in truth, wisdom, love and potential.

sonya-portrait_05Are you a new client? Start with a free awakening session

In this 30-minute private phone session we will explore:

  • Your deepest call and desire in your life
  • Your awakening path and journey
  • What is asking in your life to be most deeply shifted, liberated, upgraded

At the end we’ll explore what form of guidance is the highest service for you now on your journey; if it’s my work we’ll discuss different options for working together or if it’s not my work, hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

More About Work and Business Sessions

Generally, work and business sessions will fall under one of two categories:

Evolutionary EnterpriseTMSessions

You have a gift, a vision that you are called to share with the world. This vision is bigger than you, and it moves through you and you are a part of it. You are expressing this work through projects, a solopreneurial business, and/or an entrepreneurial business. As you create your sacred work in the world, it is helpful to get support to see your blindspots and manifest at the highest edge of your evolutionary potential. This is embodying awakening in work and business. In the Evolutionary Enterprise Sessions, we will:

  • More deeply understand and embody your true mission and purpose
  • See the potential and reality of your business from the 50,000 foot view
  • Clear internal beliefs and unconscious programming holding you back from manifesting your potential
  • Bring your projects, team, or client relationships into greater Divine Alignment by using intuitive and Wisdom Guidance
  • Awaken to True Divine Abundance

Empower the Corporate Mystic Session

You are a secret agent of awakened awareness in the corporate world. You are flowing in the old paradigms and ready to create ripples of change from a new, awakened paradigm. You want to build business connections and communities that are based in authenticity, integrity and love. You want to be a selfless channel for the great gifts that the Divine is expressing through you, as you. In the Empower the Corporate Mystic Session we will:

  • Illuminate and liberate the source of static and conflicts at work
  • Activate your inner awakened wisdom during your work day
  • Reveal new pathways of aligned engagement with your team and colleagues
  • Create success with alignment, truth, love, and holistic self care

These sessions can be scheduled in 60, 90 minute or 2-hour segments, depending on what you need.

girl-career_09Need a Group Transformation Session?

Contact Sonya directly to discuss your group’s needs and the possibilities of working together. Group sessions can help bring your team into greater clarity and alignment with a mission, complete a powerful and productive visioning process, and build respect and trust within the group.

“Your work cuts through what would take several sessions with an average psychotherapist or healer, and you can do it in just one session. It’s so efficient, so clear, it just cuts through layers and layers in one swoop of the sword.” ~ JG, yoga teacher and healer.

“In terms of a sense of intervention or shift, sessions with you have the most radical and tangible impact than I experience in any other sort of venue. I leave feeling “ok, I’m totally different now.” ~ SD, Non-profit executive.

“As a healer, Sonya has the rare gift of integrating profound spiritual insight with psychological depth, which speaks to her own highly developed personal and spiritual self. With her truly loving and accepting presence, she embraces all aspects of one’s self, including the many paradoxes and limitations we inhabit. Her remarkable insight and presence allows others to truly be seen and understood in a healing and transformative way.” ~ JF, psychotherapist

“Meet my amazing energy healer, Sonya.  She’s like a therapist/ energy healer/shaman/ leadership coach all in one!  She’s helped me to create a new relationship with work so I’m not so stressed out, she’s helped me to communicate better with my partner and effectively manage our team… and SO much more, she’s been an angel!” ~ SG, 6-Figure Speaker Mentor

“Sonya has been a tremendous resource and help in helping me navigate and get clearer, more free and empowered in my personal life and in my work life. She has a great gift of insight and ability to listen deeply to what is going on and to see underneath the surface to unconscious patterns. I highly recommend her to friends and colleagues. Thank you, Sonya!” ~ C.R. Business Development Director

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