Awaken the Sacred Body Recording

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Awaken the Sacred Body

with Sonya Amrita Bibilos

Co-hosted by the Center for Nondual Awareness


Awaken to Divine Consciousness and Love in Your Physical Form

I want to introduce you to one of the most powerful spiritual teachers you have available to you 24/7 – your body. Your body is Divine; it is a living expression of Creation. Thus your body can be a portal to awakening to God within you and all around you.


If you are like most people, you don’t actually see and relate to your body. You see your stories — your fears, past experiences, ideals, inadequacies, judgments, frustrations, and pain. In awakening, you get to see beyond the stories, release them, and see the core truth: in the essence of your body, you are whole, you are Love, and you are one with the Divine.


When you embrace your inherent Divine wholeness, it creates a ripple effect of change. It changes how you perceive, understand, and react to your body’s natural imperfections and limitations. This then allows you to see possibilities for healing, well-being, and feeling greater peace and love in your physical form.


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  • Experience Infinite Love in your cellular body
  • Gain new wisdom and insight about your physical well-being


This 90-minute recording includes teaching, meditation, Inner Wisdom inquiry, and energy work.

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