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Explore Your Awakened Potential at Work

You are here to do sacred work in the world. Your sacred work may come from the kind of work you do, or it might be the way you do your work – from Presence, Love, and Truth.

You are meant to know the truth of your Divine Inner Nature. And you are meant to bring that Conscious Awareness, Wisdom, and Compassion with you into your life, including at work.

If you are unfulfilled, stressed, or plagued by doubt or confusion at work, then that is a result of habit and conditioning that you can now change. It’s not the truth of who you are. It’s not a reflection of what you are called to do or capable of doing. With the right illumination, truth, and support, your work can become what it is meant to be for you — an expression of your consciousness, capacity, and gifts. It can be a way to effect change and radiate consciousness and compassion into the world.

I am called to support you to do your true work in the way you are called to do it. So I am offering this free replay for a limited time to support you to:

  • Use the challenges at work as a gateway for your awakening and evolution
  • See and embrace your true calling
  • Embody wisdom, truth, and compassion at work more every day
  • Change your relationship to stress permanently

This class, which was co-hosted by The Center for Nondual Awareness, is an introduction to the 8-week program “Fulfill Your Awakened Potential at Work” and includes teaching, guided meditation, inner wisdom inquiry, and Q&A.

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