Awakening to Big Love: Selfless Enough to Receive




On the journey of Awakening to Oneness, opening to Big Love is a critical step. The key to awakening to Big Love may surprise you; it is receiving – true receiving, without thought of self, just pure openness. Our false ideas of needing to be humble or not being worthy tend to get in the way of receiving; we often end up actively pushing God’s abundant love away. So, in sense, we have to put all our ideas of self aside in order to receive – and Become – the Big Love. If you come to this program with a true and deep intention to surrender, you will enter a reality of Grace and unwavering compassion that surpasses the boundaries of your human identity. This then opens the doors for Awakened Awareness to consume you – and radically change your life.

This includes a 2-hour .mp3 recording a specially made gift image for meditation.


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