Meeting Challenging Emotions With Truth and Love Recording


Learn and experience six pathways to meet any emotion with Truth, Love, and Wisdom. This includes a 90-min recording plus the companion e-book.

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Meeting Challenging Emotions With Truth & Love – A Living Awakening Activation Program

On the awakening path, emotions are a gift; they can call you to healing, alignment, truth, and freedom. In order to receive that gift, you have to see through the illusions of emotions and meet them in a new way. But not all emotions can be met the same, and sadly many spiritual traditions try to simplify working with difficult emotions.


In this recording, we explore and walk through 6 different pathways to meet different emotions, and some of them may surprise you. Psychological healing and spiritual witnessing are just two of the six options!


If you have experienced challenging emotions, I empathize with compassion. I have experienced roller coasters of emotions from childhood trauma, stories I made up about myself, family conditioning, brain chemistry imbalance, hormones, etc. Because I met these emotions both psychologically and spiritually, I learned new truths, skills, and methods to meet each challenging emotion. Today, though I experience difficult emotions much less, when emotions do come up – because of course, they do – I can meet them, understand them, and transform them when needed – often in just a few minutes.


I want to share with you these tools that I’ve learned from my own practice and from 15 years of working with a diverse group of awakening individuals. These six pathways will help you:

  • Understand your emotions
  • Reveal the hidden gifts of your emotions
  • See the truth quickly and easefully
  • Transform wounds with love and wisdom
  • Care for your body and life


In this recording, I guide you through a process so you can directly experience the six different pathways of meeting emotions with Truth and Love. This is a sacred healing container – it’s for you to receive insight and healing, activate what is awake in you, and meet what is within you that wants loving support.


Invest in this Living Awakening Activation Program to:

  • Gain a series of tools that you can use for a lifetime
  • Learn how to connect with your deep inner well of peace, no matter how you feel in any moment
  • Practice a way of showing up to emotions with Presence, Compassion, and Wisdom so that you can do this on your own when you need it
  • Unlock the hidden messages in your emotions that can be the key to the next step of your growth


When you purchase this recording, you will also automatically receive the e-book, “Six Steps to Meet Challenging Emotions With Truth and Love.”


About Living Awakening Activation Programs
In each program, we explore a topic that is a key to opening to and living Divine Consciousness, Wisdom, Love and Abundance. Each class is an activation, intended to help you:

  • Hear the teachings from your Inner Wisdom
  • Release old ego habits
  • Embrace the Divine Light, Love, and Truth within you
  • Heal old stories and wounds


Each 90-minute recording includes meditation, intuitively guided teaching for you, and wisdom inquiry.



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