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You have knowledge of Divine Love deep within you. In the Wisdom of your heart, you know that Divine Love is endless, abundant, and ever-present. But your human experiences and beliefs have led you away from this essential knowledge, creating hurt and struggle in your relationships.

In awakening teachings, we commonly focus on awakening to Oneness, Emptiness, or Vastness. In embodied awakening, the heart must also wake up and remember the Truth of Love. The ripple effects of this heart awakening then filter down through all your relationships, changing each connection in sometimes surprising ways.

If you are called to awaken, then you can remember the Wisdom of Love now. In this Awaken Your Heart to Abundant Love recording, you will:

  • gently open your heart to its true knowing of abundant, ever-present love,
  • re-align your relationships to the Truth of Love.

Originally co-hosted by the Center for Nondual Awareness, this 90-minute recording includes meditation, energy work, and “inner wisdom inquiry” to bring forth the awakened teacher within you.

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