Six Steps to Meet Challenging Emotions With Truth and Love Ebook

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On the awakening path, emotions are a gift; they can call you to healing, alignment, truth, and freedom. In order to receive that gift, you have to see through the illusions of emotions and meet them in a new way. But not all emotions can be met the same, and sadly many spiritual traditions try to simplify working with difficult emotions.


This e-book gives you six different pathways to meet different emotions, and some of them may surprise you. Psychological healing and spiritual witnessing are just two of the six options!


If you have experienced challenging emotions, I empathize with compassion. I have experienced roller coasters of emotions from childhood trauma, stories I made up about myself, family conditioning, brain chemistry imbalance, hormones, etc. Because I met these emotions both psychologically and spiritually, I learned new truths, skills, and methods to meet each challenging emotion. Today, though I experience difficult emotions much less, when emotions do come up – because of course they do – I can meet them, understand them, and transform them when needed – often in just a few minutes.


I want to share with you these tools that I’ve learned from my own practice and from 15 years of working with a diverse group of awakening individuals. These six pathways will help you:

  • Understand your emotions
  • Reveal the hidden gifts of your emotions
  • See the truth quickly and easefully
  • Transform wounds with love and wisdom
  • Care for your body and life


Please take advantage of this free book! And please share this web page with loved ones so that they can benefit as well!


“I have read your book and have started using your steps to be honest with my emotions and inner child that I wish to awaken. I was also able to help a very special client today as I sense she is in crisis; I invited her to practice with me, and she practiced with the tears falling… and I was in my place of wisdom and union to support her!! It was so liberating to use the tools that I have gained from you! Thank you Sonya!!” ~ JB, Personal Trainer


Just a quick note – if you need a guided experience through the Six Steps in a sacred healing container, please consider the 90-minute audio recording, “Meeting Challenging Emotions With Truth and Love”. If you decide to purchase that recording, you will also automatically receive the e-book.

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