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“Embody Awakening in Relationships Introduction”

Relationships give you one of the greatest gateways for awakening and embodiment. Any and all of your relationships can bring you to greater consciousness, wisdom, truth, and alignment – and especially to greater love. After more than 12 years of private sessions with awakening beings, I’ve learned that relationships can catalyze unique heart awakening and embodiment that is unlike any other catalyst in life.

The path of awakening in relationships is not always easy, however. Often the catalyst for clarity, healing, and wisdom comes in the form of conflict and dissonance. Though this can be incredibly frustrating, when you identify conflict or dissonance as an opportunity, it can accelerate the integration of awakened wisdom, love, and consciousness.

I am offering this free recording for anyone and everyone who is ready to awaken to Divine love and ready to embody awakened truth, wisdom, and love in any and all of their relationships. In the Introduction to Embody Awakening in Relationships you will learn:

  • Why even very awake people can get entangled in illusion and conflict in relationships.
  • Why and how it’s possible for you to have more liberated, harmonious, loving relationships now.
  • How to unconditionally embrace the Divine Love within you and in all creation.
  • Specifically designed practices to help release the most ingrained beliefs and behavior patterns so that your actions can be in greater alignment with the awakened wisdom with you.

This 90-minute recording includes meditation and “inner wisdom inquiry” to bring forth the awakened teacher within you. I hope you enjoy it!

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This event was originally co-hosted by the Center For Nondual Awareness.


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