Your True Divine Potential is a living, evolving presence in you. It is a sacred act of love to live at the fullest of your potential, whatever that may be on any given day.

This ritual is a gateway to realizing your True Potential. It will empower you to:

  • Listen to and honor your Inner Wisdom
  • Affirm and embody the growth you’ve made this year
  • Release habits and conditioning you no longer need

I love doing this during Winter Solstice or around New Year’s Eve, but I recommend this kind of ritual to my clients at any juncture where one phase is ending and a new one is beginning.


Preparing for the Ritual

This can be simple, casual, and quiet reflection or it can be more a more intentionally designed ritual. I am offering the bare bones for the ritual and I invite you to be creative with it. Here are some possibilities for preparing for this ritual:

  • Create a quiet space, turn off any distractions
  • Light candles
  • Set sacred space with visualization, prayer, chanting, sage or incense, calling in the four directions, etc.
  • Turn on music you love
  • Say a prayer of intention – What do your heart and wisdom intend for this ritual?
  • Call forth your spirit guides and teachers to give you support and clarity
  • Write down Wisdom’s answers from the inquiries below
  • Share your insights with loved ones
  • Close with gratitude, prayer, chanting, etc.


Part 1: Embrace the True You that You Are Today

There are two reasons to take the time to recognize and celebrate the True You of today:

  1. Your True Essence and Wisdom within you is asking to be fully revealed and embodied.
  1. Most people have a perception of themselves that is inaccurate – it’s often several months behind and associates ‘self’ with emotions and beliefs rather than Truth, Wisdom or Love.

To support you to live your actual True Self and real potential in the present moment, reviewing the shifts, changes and lessons will help you.

First connect to the voice of your Inner Wisdom and True Nature. Most people connect with this in their heart or gut. Place your hand there and ask –

What does Wisdom show me about my True Self?

What have I learned this year?

What do I honor and celebrate from this year?

Visualize your past self from January of 2016 – what do you notice has shifted since then? What feels different? What have you released? How have you grown?

After you receive the answers, I recommend sitting in silence to fully digest and integrate these shifts with gratitude.


Part 2: Release All That You No Longer Need

You are fully empowered to release any and all aspects of your life, conditioning or habits that are no longer serving you. Releasing and cleansing are critical parts of rebirth and renewal. I unconditionally support you to lovingly let go of anything that is no longer aligned with your True Self.

Ask Inner Wisdom:

What habits or conditioning do I no longer need?

What am I called to release that is no longer aligned with my True Self and True Divine Potential?

You can ask a follow up question, such as:

How can I support myself to completely release these things?

Let your inner wisdom guide you on the best methods for release. Here are just a few possibilities that can help you release the old:

  • Use deep breathing to catalyze release in your body
  • Visualize Golden Light (or any color) flowing through your body to clear things away
  • Feel what your life would be like without the old patterns and habits and sit in meditation to steep in that feeling
  • Write a list of all the things you are releasing and burn it

If you are finding that you know something needs to be released but it’s not letting go, you may want to schedule a session – together we can get to the root of it and liberate it fully.


Part 3: Embrace New Possibilities and Potential

In 2017, I invite you to fully embrace all the possibilities and potential in your life. It’s painfully easy to stay in the same little cocoon of habits and self-perceptions. That’s the comfort zone; that’s what you know. It takes some courage to embrace a new frontier of possibility, but the new frontier is more aligned with your Awakened Wisdom, Heart and Divine Potential. That means that the new frontier is actually the path of least resistance! It is a path of peace and love.

Ask Inner Wisdom:

What supports me to embrace possibilities and true potential in the New Year?

What am I ready to embrace this year?

What am I ready to learn?

What can I receive more?

Again here, you can sit in silence to fully receive the gifts, possibilities, and truths. You can also do something more intentional, such as writing down the answers to these questions, posting the answers somewhere in your house, or ritualistically planting seeds to represent and embody the new.


Part 4: Close With Gratitude

Just as we do in session, I recommend closing with gratitude. Gratitude is a practice that opens the heart while it simultaneously affirms the changes you are making. As I suggested earlier, you can also close with other ritual elements – follow your Inner Wisdom and creativity and see what feels most powerful for you.


Thank you for doing this ritual! I would love to hear the results of these inquiries if you are called to share them with me. We can also do parts of this ritual in session together, if you need.

With all my heart, blessings for a beautiful holiday season and New Year!

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