I was surprised to have an awakening to abundance – after awakening to emptiness, oneness, and love! I had not heard other awakening teachers talk about the vastness of abundance specifically. So I wanted to share this first of three videos about Abundance with you so you can learn about:

  • The Presence in the Universe that is Divine Abundance
  • How Divine Abundance can flow in and through your life
  • The beliefs and stories you can release to embrace Divine Abundance

Set aside 10 minutes and watch this video and Expand into Divine Abundance! Enjoy!

Please share with others who can benefit. Thank you.


Transcript of the Video:

Divine Abundance is a part of consciousness- part of the fabric of the universe and divine love. This article will focus on the immensity of divine abundance and what that feels and looks like in embodiment.

I’ll start with a story about my own awakening to Abundance. I’d been introduced to teachings about abundance in the self-help and personal development space, but I didn’t ever hear my Buddhist and Non-dual teachers talk about abundance in their teachings. One night several years later, I woke up agitated. As I sat consciously with my thoughts and feelings, I opened up my awareness and was suddenly able to see, feel and witness this immense presence in the universe that is abundance.  And as I sat with it that night and many times since, I saw how abundance is in its boundlessness, just like how Divine Love is boundless. It extends beyond our mind’s constructs and concepts of what abundance might look like. I also noticed how it didn’t move in response to the ego will. Instead, it moved for the sake of itself. In fact, in some ways, our job is to get out of the way and allow abundance to flow through us.


Embodying Divine Abundance Is A Birth Right

I’ve seen how the ego mind really tries to wrestle with this immense thing of Abundance. I’ve seen it try to control Abundance, resist it, force it down certain channels, or reject it entirely – often out of a feeling of the ego not being worthy or deserving of abundance and love. But one of the things I have learned is that abundance is not about the small self and yet at the same time, it is innate to us, it is innate to your true nature, it is innate to your true self and there is a big message here.

There’s a big message here – you are, wherever you are in your life, free to embrace Divine Abundance. It is your birthright. It is part of Consciousness, and as such, it is part of you. And if you are called to awaken to divine abundance, then it is time for you to see it, accept it, embrace it, and truly humbly receive it.


Abundance Manifests In A Way That Is Most True For Each Person

How abundance manifests in your life will vary from one person to another. If we were to think about it in terms of concepts of abundance such as money or things, it could look like a monk who’s taken a vow of poverty and yet lives in the spirit of abundance. It could also look like someone who has made or inherited millions and lives in such love and truth and integrity that they’re also living in and embodying divine abundance. There is no one right way; there is only the way that is most true and aligned in integrity or love for you.


You Are Not Bound By Your Stories Of Money Or Your Past

Time and energy are part of our association with abundance, and so it is understandable to think about the hurts and wounds; or the shame, fear and anxiety associated with it.

One of the ways that I think about our stories and conditioning around abundance is that they are like layers of dust on top of the Truth of Abundance. And while the stories and conditioning might feel heavy, it really is not. They are simply stories – a layer of dust on top of abundance.

Each person has a unique constellation of dust on top of the Truth of Divine Abundance. One of the most common things I see in spiritual communities is judgment against money and the association of money as corrupt or part of ego greed. This is in contrast to seeing money as a neutral substance, a currency of exchange or just one of the many ways that abundance flows through our lives.

Another story is feeling unworthy or not deserving of abundance. Feeling anxiety about there not being enough money, time or energy. Feeling a sense of shame about how you’ve handled money in the past or how your family has handled money, feeling like you’ve had to work hard for your money.

There is also denial about dealing with money and the feeling of powerlessness around money, time and energy.

Whatever the story is for you, no matter how deep and heavy it might feel to you, remember: If it is like a layer of dust, it can be as easy to clear as just letting the wind of your breath blow it out of your body.

Some of these stories may have taught you something or even helped you survive it and so, you can feel grateful for them even as you’re releasing them and surrendering them so that you can embrace a greater purity of truth.

Whatever the case may be, you are not bound by your stories of money or your past. Your past does not bind you to keep repeating those experiences in your present or future. And you are not bound to your emotions about abundance. Those emotions are just like clouds in the sky and you do not have to hang on to them in any way.

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