Years ago, my spirit guides (a large collective of awakened teachers and ascended masters) started teaching me about one of humanity’s most tragic blind spots. They showed me how we frequently and easily we get tunnel vision; as soon as we get fixated on one way of perceiving life, we become completely blind to the possibilities and options that are right in front of us.


I started to see this reality everywhere, in my own life and throughout the human experience. We are very good at limiting our options and feeling stuck or powerless. We are not very good at opening to the new pathways, possibilities, and potential of any and every moment.


When we close our minds and get tunnel vision, it’s difficult (and sometimes impossible) to heal, evolve, and create change. When we open our minds and see the possibilities, we find pathways and options that go beyond the ego and take us into greater alignment with the Divine.


The truth is startling; we don’t just have a few more options and possibilities. We are swimming in a sea of Divine possibilities and potential every day. It is only our minds and emotions that limit reality and make everything feel much smaller and more confined. Fear makes us shut down to options and possibilities. Part of living awakened awareness is to allow yourself to tap into and flow in the sea of possibilities and potential. This isn’t something we master once; it’s something we have to do as a continual practice. It’s a new way of relating to life every day.


The other day I was having a conversation with a student who has a terminal illness. She may not have a choice about having the illness, but she has a multitude of remarkable choices she can make about how she perceives and meets the illness; cares for herself; and how she makes empowered decisions about the remaining time she has to live. She is learning that when she comes from Love and Presence, she experiences more possibilities and feels more alive.


I’ve learned to recognize that if I ever feel stuck or can’t see the options, I must be in illusion and not seeing Divine Possibilities and Potential. So when I feel like I’m missing important possibilities, I take the following steps. I offer them here for you to explore too.


  1. Step back and rest in Presence. Take a deep breath and rest in the center of your being, in the Divine Wisdom and Presence you are.


  1. Ask to see the Truth about the situation. I usually say a prayer such as, “Help me to see all the truths I need to see about this situation.” Then I listen to Wisdom, both from within me and around me.


  1. Ask to see the possibilities in the situation. I often take the situation where I’m feeling stuck and I place it in an open field of Divine Potential. Then I say a little prayer (directed to Universal Wisdom, inside and out) – “Please show me the true possibilities and potential of this situation.”


  1. Make empowered choice. Based on the options that I see, I then step forward, make empowered choice, and take empowered action.


I know that wherever you feel limited, constricted, or held back in your life right now, there’s a gift waiting for you on the other side. Allow yourself to step back and see new options. Get curious about the possibilities that might not be immediately obvious but that your soul is craving. Wisdom within you is available to help you embrace your true potential.


What would it mean for you to open to more possibilities and options? If you ever feel stuck, how can you step out of your perception, see a bigger picture, open up to possibilities, and make different choices?

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