As we awaken and embrace Divinity, we get the great gift of challenging all our thoughts and beliefs – especially the things that may not be true, but we believe to be true. It’s not always easy, but it can be incredibly liberating. Old and inaccurate beliefs are like extra weight that we carry around, hindering our choices and possibilities. Letting go of those beliefs and assumptions creates space for new opportunities that we could not have even seen before.

Part of this process includes confronting – and busting – all the assumptions about self, life, God, and others. These assumptions are tricky because they are often part of our operating systems, like a software program running in the background. Often, we made these assumptions very early in our lives. We didn’t have much data then, so we didn’t have a way to corroborate how accurate they were. And then we went about building our entire lives, well into adulthood, with a faulty foundation of confused conclusions.

There’s an infinite variety of confused conclusions that humans can have, but just to give you a taste of what I mean, here are a few common ones:

  • I have to work hard to prove that I am worthy/deserving
  • I have to put myself last in order to get the love that I want or need
  • Getting married and having kids is part of my duty and obligation

Over and over again, I found that every time I identified a foundational assumption and then liberated it, I could see a whole new field of opportunities and options that I simply could not see before. These options are waiting for us to discover them; they are simply in our blind spots, obscured by false beliefs.

It’s important to recognize that your assumptions – especially your most foundational assumptions – are founded for good reason. They come from the experiences of your young life. The brain assumes that the conditions of your childhood will be the conditions of the rest of your life. I have often wondered if this is a biological hold over from the days human life expectancy was around 25. I notice that by the time we hit 30 (and sometimes sooner) the “rules of the road” and unconscious assumptions about How Life Is simply no longer apply. Your present-day reality and potential are vastly different; here are just a few reasons why:

  • Your adult brain is more developed and has more capacity;
  • You have agency and choice; you are no longer dependent on your parents;
  • You can choose your communities, and thus access better or different support and resources;
  • You can choose a path of healing rather than being stuck in a family system of wounding and trauma.

Most humans are so conditioned to accept limitations, that it’s likely that you have more power and agency than you realize.

To begin illuminating the assumptions of How Life Is, here are a few inquiries to play with:

  • What are the beliefs or assumptions that are holding you back?
  • What are the assumptions you’ve been carrying with you that are no longer true and that you no longer need?
  • What shifts for you when you realize that you have more choice, power, and agency?
  • What does your Inner Wisdom know to be absolutely true?

I love that we all have more potential that we can realize, right here and now at this moment. The greatness of your potential is waiting for you on the other side of some old confusions. Blessings for giving yourself the gift of claiming your true potential!

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