This is an excerpt from a previous class.


Fear and Truth

There is absolutely a truth to the fact that fear is an illusion. There is an additional truth about fear, though, which is that it’s part of your body’s mechanism, it’s part of the wiring in your system that is very, very significant but misused, misapplied perhaps, or miswired through a lot of other desires or painful memories and associations. So, we treat fear delicately and we treat fear with respect. It can’t be trusted as part of your compass, but it can be informative.  It can be very, very informative. And, I feel like if I didn’t cover this topic at least some, I would be leaving out something important in this discussion. Because I don’t want to bypass the significance of fear. Though I could probably spend an entire class just on fear, I am going to sum this up in just a few sentences.


When fear is moving through your system, however subtly or overtly, you can give it a chance to have its voice. You can hear it out. You can write down what it has to say. You can do whatever you need to do to really listen to it and give it respect. If you don’t, by the way, and you try to stuff it down, it’s just going to come up big and bad and worse than ever. So, please give it its due respect.


And, when you’re done listening, then it’s time to ask yourself: “Is anything my fear is saying really true? Is there a kernel of truth? Is there any truth in it at all?” Only you can decide that. Only you can know that. So, when fear comes up, listen to it, respect it and inquire around it.  “What’s really true about this fear?”


Most of the time – not always, but most of the time – in my experience when I’m working with clients, the fears that arise have roots or seeds in something in their past. It has nothing to do with the present moment. When that is the case for you, it can be an opportunity for you to catch up the past to the present, to bring that fearful voice that is stuck somewhere, maybe in your childhood or early adulthood, to the present. Remind it that those conditions of the past are not here today.  What is here now is completely different. You are an empowered adult. You have wisdom. You have access to your inner truth. And those conditions that might have driven you mad before won’t drive you in the same way now. They won’t affect you and have the same impact on you the way they did in the past. That’s my service announcement about fear. It’s important to deal with because I know it comes up a lot when we’re trying to make some good decisions and listening to our inner compass.

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