There is an aspect of awakening and embodiment that is simply about humbly allowing Life to be All that It Needs and Wants to Be. This means that you (Life’s expression that is You) can and need to be all that you are, in your radiant true Divine Potential, whatever that might look like in each moment.

What we don’t often realize is that this means, among many things, that all the ways that the ego holds you small (I call it the diminishing ego) have got to go. They have no true place in an awakening being. They only serve to hold a clamp down on the experience of awakening and living a truly liberated, embodied life.

Sometimes, stepping into your radiant true Divine Potential, and letting go of the diminishing ego, requires a big leap. From this context of awakened, embodied freedom and potential, I ask you –

  What is the biggest leap you are called to make this year?

What change are you craving? What are you called to step into – or up to? What would it feel like to realize your Divine Potential now, whatever that might look like today? It might be a deceptively simple inner change that has big effects over time. It might look like grand action. It could be anything. The most important thing is that it is aligned and true for you.

The next frontier of learning, expansion, and evolution continually beckons to me. It lures me forward with tantalizing possibilities, and my curiosity – and trust of God – propels me forward.

I say trust of God because I deeply know that in our evolution there is only more love, intimacy and grace in the Divine. I love exploring the next frontier, and I relish supporting your exploration of the next frontier in your life. I ask the “big leap” question of myself all the time in many ways, and I am inviting you to also play with this sacred inquiry.

Most people sit and wait for an opportunity that may not come. They may hunger for it, and even weep for it. They may bang their head on the wall with frustration that they haven’t had that change that they long for. But they struggle to do the one courageous thing – to own the big leap, turn to it, and

say Yes.

Your innate potential for change is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to get clear that it’s time for change, even if you don’t know what that will ultimately look like. It’s waiting for you to give an unconditional green light for the transformation to begin.

As long as you hesitate, there will be a software program in your brain, written ages ago and designed to “protect” you, that will stop you from moving forward.

It is only when you give a big enough YES to change that the software program will stand down. It has to realize that another authority – a greater, Wisdom authority – has your best interest at heart. And that Wisdom authority knows its time to change.

What big leap are you ready to take this year? It may take courage to admit it or fully embrace it. As you drop into your Inner Wisdom, that Wisdom has an answer that may not be obvious to your analytical mind. See where it takes you. And let me know what it has to say.


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