Divine Abundance Meditations


Awaken to Divine Abundance daily with these three guided meditations, and a special gift audio recording about Awakening to Divine Abundance.


The luminous terrain of Divine Abundance can be challenging to embrace because of habits, culture, and conditioning. With conscious intention and sacred meditations, you can open more and more to Abundance and let it start to transform your life.

I was guided to provide three guided meditations to support your Awakening to Divine Abundance and the dynamic flow of abundance in daily life. These three meditations are:


Meditation 1: Divine Abundance Resonance Meditation

You can use this guided meditation every day to remember, embrace and embody the Truth of Divine Abundance while raising your vibration and naturally healing old abundance wounds.


Meditation 2: Release Obstacles to Abundance Meditation

Specifically designed to help you illuminate and liberate obstacles and conditioning about abundance whenever you need it.


Meditation 3: Infinite Possibilities Meditation

One key to living Divine Abundance is to stay open to the Universe’s infinite possibilities and potential. This meditation is designed to expand your mind beyond your habits to see the possibilities in your life.

These meditations are designed to infuse and expand your awareness to Divine abundance and love over time.


Special Gift: “Awakening to Divine Abundance” recording.

With these three meditations, I also want to share with you a recording called “Awakening to Divine Abundance” from my presentation at the Center for Nondual Awareness Retreat in May 2017. In this recording, you will explore:


  • A guided experience into Divine Abundance


  • What it means to “selflessly receive” as part of the spiritual path


  • How to heal the “victim” experience around money, time, and energy


  • Why collective illusions about money have power; and how to liberate those illusions


  • How to know if your conditioning is not from you, but from culture, family, or soul memory


And much more.


The Guide to Divine Abundance Meditations

These recordings also come with a guide to support you to know when and how to use the meditations. This guide also includes a teaching about infinite possibilities and a recommended process for working with emotions around abundance.

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