Embody Awakened Abundance Retreat At Home Program


Awaken to the Love that is Divine Abundance and change your relationship to abundance in all forms, including money, time, and energy. This structured retreat-at-home program includes nine program recordings, three guided meditations, two additional healing recordings, plus email support to catalyze your awakening and embodiment journey.


Embody Awakened Abundance

You can embrace the light, love, and flow of Divine Abundance now. If you are reading this, then you are already called to experience this in this lifetime. I want to invite you completely and totally into the embodied experience of living in Divine Abundance.

I understand and empathize with any struggles with money, time and energy you may have had (or are having!). The “old normal” of our culture is to experience anxiety, shame, judgment, powerlessness, guilt, conflict, sacrifice, hard work, inadequacy, resistance, etc.

What if you could create a new normal that is aligned with your soul and Wisdom? What if you could feel:

  • Present in the flow of Divine Love and Abundance
  • Connected to possibilities and opportunities of abundance
  • Empowered to ask for and receive what you are called to have
  • Supported to give as fully as you are called to give
  • Grounded in alignment and truth in all decisions about money, time and energy

If you are called to it and you are ready for it, then you can experience this new normal of Divine Abundance.

This is not an easy journey to do alone. Much of our conditioning around money, time, and energy – and scarcity in general – comes from our families and culture. To fully unwind and liberate those stories and patterns, you need the right support and wise truths that guide you to your true nature and awakened living.

This is why I designed this program. I wanted to offer you an experience of consistently receiving the transmission of Divine Abundance; tools and energy to help you fully release old conditioning; structured inquiry to empower your own Inner Wise Teacher; and new aligned actions you can make now.

The Embodied Awakened Abundance program is for those who are:

  • Committed to living an awake and embodied life
  • Ready to be free of baggage and stories about money, energy, and time
  • Longing to live in wholeness with Divine Abundance, Truth, and Love

To empower you to awaken and embody Divine Abundance, this retreat-at-home program will help you:

  • Lovingly liberate old experiences and stories about abundance
  • Embrace the power and truth of Divine Abundance
  • Clear stories and conditioning that aren’t yours (from culture, family, lineage, etc.)
  • Activate your inner healer to help you heal and liberate stories
  • Discover and affirm your unique, true relationship with money, time and energy
  • Manifest abundance from Oneness and Unity Consciousness

Each recording is a healing activation and includes the following elements: intuitive teaching, Inner Wisdom inquiry (to hear your inner teacher), structured healing processes, and special Abundance guided meditations.

I also believe in supporting you with tools that you can use between classes. Integration is key to transformation! So in addition to the eight 90-min recordings, I am also offering these gifts to you:

Gift 1: Divine Abundance Resonance Meditation
You can use this guided meditation every day to remember, embrace and embody the Truth of Divine Abundance while raising your vibration and naturally healing old abundance wounds.

Gift 2: Selfless Enough to Receive 2-hour .mp3 recording
This will help you expand into the selfless act of receiving love, abundance, and grace.

Gift 3: Release Obstacles to Abundance Meditation
Specifically designed to help you illuminate and liberate obstacles and conditioning about abundance whenever you need it.

Gift 4: Expand Awakening “Infinite Love” 90-min .mp3 recording
Because Divine Abundance is part of Infinite Love, awakening to Divine Love will expand your receptivity to Abundance too.

Gift 5: Infinite Possibilities Meditation
One key to living Divine Abundance is to stay open to the Universe’s infinite possibilities and potential. This meditation is designed to expand your mind beyond your habits to see the possibilities in your life.

I will also email you weekly for nine weeks to help keep you connected, engaged, and in the flow!

Please take advantage of this special price — good until March 15!


“At this point in class the presence of Divine Abundance feels like a given, it’s obviously present & functioning in all of life. (A radical departure from my perspective before this class began!) I feel tears coming to my eyes when I consider the profundity of your work with us and the deep ramifications that continue to unroll for me as a result. Thank you, so much, for pointing us towards Wisdom in so many aspects—all aspects—of life.” – PM, therapist


“Listening to last week’s class and I am blown away, blown through, blessed by the love. This is one of those “It changes everything” moments!” – HL, yoga teacher


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