Embody Awakening in Relationship Retreat At Home Program


Awaken your heart to infinite Divine Love and transform your relationships in the process! This structured retreat-at-home program includes 11 program recordings, a series of bonus recordings and e-books, plus email support to catalyze your awakening and embodiment journey. Read more below!


No matter where you are on your awakening journey, relationships can be the source of more confusion than any other area of life. When someone triggers you, you suddenly lose the calm peace you’ve gained in meditation, and you react emotionally before thought. These reactions are not an accurate reflection of the wisdom and love within you, and the gap between your emotions and your deeper wisdom can be very painful. This gap becomes even more painful the more deeply you awaken to the Divine within you and all around you. You can feel like you’ve been knocked from your center, or you’ve descended into a fog, or you can even feel like you went from heaven to purgatory (and maybe hell).

But most people don’t understand the spiritual gems hidden in these moments. When the old reactions come up they are an opportunity. If you are triggered, emotional, hurt, or reactive about any relationship in your life – in romance, family, friendship, or work – then you have a gateway right in front of you. It’s a gateway to:

  • Ground more strongly in your wisdom
  • Heal the wounds and old assumptions about love from childhood
  • Open your heart
  • See the Divine more clearly in all situations


People stay stuck in old relationship patterns, even post-awakening, for two main reasons:

  1. They don’t realize how much love and freedom is possible in relationship and
  2. They struggle to identify and heal wounds from early childhood that reside in the subconscious.

The good news is that whole, loving relationships are your birthright. Not only is it possible to heal and transcend hidden beliefs and reactive behaviors, chances are you’re here because you’re ready for lasting change that includes loving, intimate relationships. Let there be no doubt: Awakened consciousness is your natural way of being.

Whether you consider yourself “fully awake” or not, if you have been called to awaken then you have awakened wisdom within you right now that you can access to change your understanding and reactions to relationships. You have love in your heart right now that can expand and compassionately see yourself and others – and heal long-held wounds. You can embody the wisdom, truth, and love you have available to you today.

If you are on an awakening path and you know that this is your time to bring your relationships into greater harmony, truth, and love, then Embody Awakening in Relationship will catalyze you to:

  • See your relationships with fresh, new eyes, rooted in awakened consciousness
  • Expand into even greater awakened wisdom and love
  • Liberate old stories and reactions
  • Embody the awakened wisdom and love you have now
  • Build a new, more resonant community
  • Learn to see the Truth and speak the Truth with compassion


I invite you to experience this unique retreat-at-home program in which we will empower your inner teacher, give you a healing transmission of Awakened Consciousness and Divine Love, and catalyze you to transform your world of relationships.


Here’s a Sample of Specific Topics Covered in the Program:

  • Learn the Seven Steps to liberate difficult emotions and wounds from relationships
  • Liberate the stories and assumptions around romance and embrace true, aligned romantic partnership
  • Explore family and friendship as a web of community and connection
  • Illuminate the teaching and gift of loneliness
  • Learn how to work with positive teachers and negative or oppositional teachers

And much more!


Included in this Retreat-at-Home Program:

  • Ten 90-minute .mp3 recordings
  • One 90-minute introductory .mp3 recording
  • Program Guide
  • BONUS: “Infinite Love” Guided Meditation
  • BONUS: Expand Awakening “Infinite Love” .mp3 recording
  • BONUS: The Keys to Liberated and Loving Relationships e-book
  • BONUS: Guide to The Soul-to-Soul Dialogue mini e-book
  • BONUS: “The Gifts of Embodiment” 2-hour .mp3 recording
  • BONUS: Email support from me to help you stay committed and engaged through the program



“I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for offering this class and hosting such a rich experience these past 5 months. It has been a tremendously valuable 5 months and I feel that I have grown in such a beautiful way.  I just love your approach to embodying awakening- it really speaks to the center of my soul and focuses on key issues in a unique way.”  ~ KT, Painter

“Listening to last week’s class about abundance and I am blown away, blown through, blessed by the love and snuggling with you in it right now. This is another one of those ‘it changes everything moments’.” ~ HL, Yoga Teacher

“Thank you so much for everything and for your loving presence and emanation! It comes through in your voice in class one and it’s so sweet and loving.” ~ TM, Spiritual Practitioner


Special Ongoing Offer for Pairs and Groups:

I am offering a special deal for groups of 2 or more who would like to go through this program together! If you know 1 or more other individuals who would also like this product, I will offer all of you a special group discount.

If you have four or more friends who would like to go through this program with you, I will offer the group discount plus a free 90-min live group meditation, energy and Q&A session with me!

Contact me directly for more details.


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