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This audiobook, “I Am Not a Monk; Working and Making Money While Waking Up” turns daily challenges at work into opportunities for awakening to Divine Oneness. With examples from her own and her clients’ lives, Sonya Amrita Bibilos illuminates and unravels confusing and pervasive beliefs in our Western business world, cultivating enlightenment in everyday life.

“I Am Not a Monk” explores a range of topics around work and awakening. Here are a few highlights of what you will learn:

  • You are not your habits, thoughts or actions – those are just the icing on the cake. You are actually your True Divine Nature, deep within you.
  • Compassion is a powerful tool with work relationships, especially when used with Love’s true partners, Wisdom and Truth.
  • How to find your true calling and selflessly embrace your gifts
  • You can liberate your relationship to time, achievement, and success – and ultimately be more productive and in flow.
  • A troublesome colleague or supervisor can be as valuable as an awakened spiritual teacher
  • How to step into True Authority with integrity and wisdom



“It gives me great relief and a sense of “real” connection when I can come home from a busy, stressful day…and read words that help my seemingly busy brain realign with a deeper sense of purpose, love and truth. I appreciate all your work and teachings around the subject of waking up at work.” ~ A.G., Hospital Administrator


“I’m so enthralled with your book and its depths. I just love it!  It’s so grounded and practical.   I’m not doing much for inspiration right now and this just hit the spot.  I’d never consciously differentiated the awakening path from the spiritual path…what a clear separation of intention that gave me.” ~ HC, Cranio-sacral Therapist


“I have now listened to the chapter “Deeper Wounds” and loved it so much and found it so accurate and well said that I have forwarded it to all of my clients. Thanks to you for the gifted and authentic work you do within yourself and share to all who are open to receive!” ~ L.G., Trainer and Life Coach


“I have enjoyed your book so much that I carry it wherever I go, and even have it programmed into my Sleep and Wake timers!” ~ D.C., Actor


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