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If you are called to awaken to the Divine within you and all around you, then the time is now. What is alive and awake within you is trying to surface, and you are ready to receive it. But you may need the right support – and some clearing of old programming – to hear and fully receive the voice of Consciousness within you.


Old beliefs and programming are like gnarly little voices in your head that keep you forever one, two, or three steps away from what is already awake within you. These voices have been with you for so long, you might not even recognize their presence anymore; they are just paint on the wall, part of your daily life.


If you do not illuminate and ultimately transcend these voices and old beliefs, then it’s extremely difficult to expand in your awakened awareness, live it, embody it, and thus feel Divine Grace and Love every day.


In this Embody Awakening Intro recording, we explore:

  • The 6 most common “confused conclusions” and cultural blindspots that hold back your spiritual evolution
  • The 6 Truths that replace and liberate those confused conclusions
  • Empowering practices to help you integrate the new truths
  • How the Embody Awakening program can support your awakening journey


This 75-minute recording includes meditation and “inner wisdom inquiry” to bring forth the awakened teacher within you. The original event was co-hosted by the Center for Nondual Awareness and was an introduction to the 6-month Embody Awakening live class, now available for purchase as a Retreat-At-Home Program.


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