Ready to Realize Your Divine Potential?

Every human being has divine potential. Your Divine Potential is written like a code in your soul. Each of us is born with an inner map that guides us to realize our ultimate potential. When we embark upon our life journey, we have all kinds of choices and possibilities about how we follow that map and actualize our potential – or not. Most humans don’t even come close to realizing their fullest potential.

Let me back up and explain potential. It is a word we’re using a lot lately, especially in self-help or some spiritual Image 6-18-16 at 8.07 PMcommunities. The problem with this word is that our very understanding of potential is based on assumed limitations.

We’ve been conditioned to believe in potential in a very limited number of ways. We think of potential in terms of things we can see and measure, and things that society values, such as: getting a graduate degree, buying a fancy car, having the family we’ve always dreamed of, making a lot of money, being a community leader – basically being better than the person we were in high school. That’s such a tiny definition of potential. If we don’t understand how total awakening can be, then even the goal to awaken can be part of our limited concepts.

I want to be so clear that these kinds of goals are not wrong or bad – it’s just that there’s so much more. Even if living your Divine Potential includes having a beautiful amazing family and a Mercedes Benz, your path and experience of it will be far beyond what your logical mind could script out. You will most likely not realize your potential exactly the way society, your family or friends think you should. You will follow your own, unique, amazing path of discovery.

So if Divine Potential isn’t measured by the ways we usually measure potential, then what is it exactly?

My experience is that your Divine Potential:

  • Is better than your self-image and beliefs about your capacity
  • Is way beyond what you have dreamed or imagined
  • Might look like something we would culturally measure as valuable, fantastic, or worthy…or it might not!
  • Will surprise you in some way (guaranteed)
  • Involves any or every thing in your life
  • Might be deeply quiet and private, or public and visible, or both!
  • Is aligned and true with your Deepest Wisdom and Awakened Awareness

Finally, it is simply the ultimate expression of life that your soul wants to experience.

Image 6-18-16 at 8.07 PM (1)I have a theory that the next threshold of human evolution lies in tapping into our true potential and our soul code. While I believe that awakening is not absolutely necessary to activate and live your potential, I do see that it makes it immensely easier. This is because without the ego’s fears, attachments and grasping, it is much easier to clearly see Divine Potential. Of course there are as many ways to awaken as there are humans alive on this planet. Awakening happens by any means necessary.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with not realizing your fullest potential. It’s not wrong or right. It’s just a choice. I’m talking about this to point out that there’s a choice you are making that you don’t even know that you are making. I am bringing this out into the light so that, if you are called,
you can make a conscious choice to connect to your fullest potential.

So how do you discover your True Potential? As I said earlier, you have a soul code and it came equipped with a map of possibility. It’s in you. You don’t really need to go on a journey to find it. You just need to listen, dive in deeply, and trust your inner wisdom.

However, once we have the map in hand, many of us want to argue with the map. Most people won’t even Image 6-18-16 at 8.07 PM (2)see what’s on the map clearly because their minds are so busy trying to fit their map into society’s expectations, their old fantasies, desires, what their mother wants, what they think their spouse will approve of, what will make them financially or emotionally safe, etc. Very, very few people have the courage to take the map in hand and really see it. Even fewer people have the courage to follow it to the letter.

Where do you stand in relationship to your inner map of potential?

Do you want to see it? Have you already seen it? Do you see it clearly?

Are you connecting to the Wisdom inside of you that Knows your potential?

In next month’s article I’ll talk more about the many ways we can hear the whispers of our soul code every day and begin to actualize our Divine Potential. I look forward to sharing that with you! And remember in the meantime, please share your feedback – what resonated for you? What questions do you have? It’s wonderfully helpful, plus I love hearing from you. Send me an email or post on my Facebook page!

As always, feel free to share this article if you sense it will inspire or resonate deeply with someone you know. Thank you for your generosity and caring!

With Great Love,


Image 6-18-16 at 9.42 PMSonya Amrita Bibilos
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