I was called to write this spontaneous post for you after a beautiful meditation this morning on the purity of Christ Consciousness and how it is wanting to ground, root and be embodied on this Earth.

This process has very little to do with “being a Christian,” Christian doctrine or dogma. This is about getting to the heart of Christ Consciousness and feeling its alive reality in you and in your life.

That said, I know that this won’t call to all of you, as each human is so brilliantly, remarkably unique. Trust your Inner Wisdom to guide you. Whether this does or doesn’t call to you, see if it could be affirming for others in your community and pass it on!  Thank you.

A Meditation on Christ Consciousness
This morning, in silent meditation, I spontaneously experienced the light of Christ Consciousness. It was expansive, total, and it felt like home. This experience is not new for me, but there were two things that were special about this morning.

The first was that I was especially aware of the lack of specialness in receiving and being in Christ Consciousness. As Christ Consciousness is simply a unique expression of Awakened Consciousness, it is available to anyone and everyone who is called to it.

The second experience was that I was suddenly aware that the time is now for the purity of Christ Consciousness – beyond the story or associations of Jesus – to root and ground into this Earth in a new way. As I sat with that, I was aware of the presence of some of you, even if I do not know you personally yet. I saw how you are part of the movement to root and ground the Light of the Heart of Christ here in this life.

This is a beautiful invitation. It starts with allowing yourself to receive the light of Christ Consciousness and experience it authentically for yourself. You don’t need to deserve it, be special enough, or earn it in some way. You simply need to see if you are called to it, and then if you are, say yes and open to it fully, completely and totally.

The Light of Consciousness and Love already sings within your divine heart. Opening up to the unique resonance of Christ Consciousness can be a beautiful call and response from your divine heart to the heart of Christ, back and forth. Allow yourself to receive the song of Divine Love in your own heart, and also receive the song of Christ Consciousness singing to you until the two songs meld and there is only One.

On this Holy Easter Monday, I invite you into this sacred gift of Light and Love and how it can transform you and your life. Thank you for receiving it, thank you for being you, thank you for allowing yourself to be completely and totally the True Divine You.

On Easter, in Greek we say “Christos Anesti,” which means “Christ is Risen.” May the light of Christ rise in all our hearts

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