Many people take the opportunity of the New Year to set intentions for change, growth, and healing. In the last few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on what it takes to step beyond familiar habits and actions and say yes to real change – the kind of change that makes you feel more alive, breaks you out of old ways and brings you into alignment with your True Nature.

I’m seeing that for most of you (maybe all of you), you can have an even more radiant experience of evolution – you can awaken, integrate, and transform this year even more than you might dare to imagine. But it will require that you step up, courageously let go of old ways, and embrace your deepest truths and what you know to be your true potential, deep within.

On a practical level, I could break down the conscious and intentional change process into four steps:

  1. You have to want to change, know that you can change, and know that it is your right to change!
  2. You need to be in alignment with your Inner Wisdom about what you want to change
  3. Then you need to follow through with aligned, loving action.
  4. You also need a loving structure of support to make that change happen — whether you create that structure for yourself or you have others help you in your process (or both).

I don’t ask of you anything less than what I ask of myself. I too am called to keep evolving. I find the terrain of evolution to be even more fascinating after awakening. The more I embody, grow, and evolve, the more I see how much I can keep learning, stepping up, changing, and evolving. It excites me. I’ve learned that even when I go through a challenging phase, the reward on the other side is greater peace, alignment, and freedom. Not to mention, of course, how good it feels to live at a higher vibration, doing what I am truly called to do!

My mission is not just about awakening – it is about supporting all of us to live spiritual awakening, evolve, and realize our true potential. So this year, I want to offer you a series of teachings and opportunities for you to realize your True Divine Potential. This month I’m starting with a fresh conversation about awakening to Divine Abundance and re-aligning your thoughts and actions to the real potential of abundance in your soul.

Why is Divine Abundance important for your evolution? If you are like most people, you have a block around money, time, energy, or some other resource that is vital to you. These blocks (confusions and illusions) can:

  • Prevent you from realizing your true calling and divine potential
  • Create dissonance or conflict in relationships
  • Stop you from trusting yourself and listening to your inner wisdom
  • Block you from embracing opportunities that are right in front of you
  • Keep you in scarcity (of time, energy or money) and stress


So you can see why Divine Abundance is a key part of experiencing your true potential in a lot of areas of your life.

The self-help industry offers a lot of methods to create more abundance in your life. Those methods are great, and for many people, they really work. They didn’t work for me because I didn’t just want more money or things. I wanted to experience unconditional unity and love with God. I’ve found the same to be true for many of my students.

So I found that the starting point to change my relationship with abundance was to awaken to the essence of Divine Abundance that is Love. This is a critical part of realizing your True Divine Potential because in your essence You Are Divine Love and Abundance. When you push the energies of Love and Abundance away out of fear, judgment, insecurity, or other conditioning, you block the voice of your True Self who is trying so hard to help you grow, evolve, and be.

When you begin to open to Divine Abundance in the Universe, something very interesting happens. You start to:

  • See your stories and conditioning about money, time and energy more clearly
  • Release and heal old wounds about abundance
  • Take aligned action when it comes to money, time, and energy
  • Have less tolerance for squandering away valuable resources (it can actually hurt!)
  • Feel more gratitude for everything!

Then you start to realize that being in Flow with Divine Abundance isn’t about having more — it’s about just being in alignment and truth with what you are called to receive and give each day, every day. Most people, including me, report feeling more effortlessness and ease around money, time, energy, and other resources. And of course, you no longer feel that God is somehow separate from the realities of money, time, etc.

Wherever your journey takes you this year, I hope you will take the opportunity to expand in Love and Abundance, evolve to your next level, and activate your True Divine Potential!




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