Have you ever felt frustrated by teachings about finances and abundance? I know I have. Either we are given financial advice that is all head and no heart, and not about wisdom or integrity. Or we are asked to believe that God’s got everything; just use prayer and blind faith and your bills will get paid. But let’s be real – how often does that actually work?

And then there are the oh-so popular manifestation teachings – build it in your head, and it will come. Cut out pretty pictures and stick them on a board and magically those things will appear in your life. Yeah, right. Honestly, that has rarely worked for me.
Actually, all these pieces are all a little bit true. And sometimes, if one of these practices happens to be the perfect antidote to your situation, then – bam! – it works. It’s just that it doesn’t work for everyone in all cases at all times. Honestly, no method can work in all cases, at all times.
What’s heartbreaking is when my clients try to adopt one of these methods and it fails, then they ask, “What’s wrong with me?” Nope, nothing wrong with you. There’s something wrong with the practice and how it does not align to you. It’s not what you need at this time. 
But how do you know what solution you need? If you are stuck in an experience of scarcity – with money, time, energy, etc. – and you know you want to change it, but nothing you do is working… what do you do?
The answer to that question is actually very complex. The nature of your relationship to abundance is completely unique. Plus, what might be blocking you at any given time is unique to that moment. That’s why there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to changing your relationship to abundance.
So before you scramble to find the solution, sometimes you need to pause and figure out exactly where the block is in your abundance flow. Where’s the glitch, the dam, the old story or habit that’s holding you back? Sometimes it’s an area that you don’t expect.
Let me step back and affirm – you can have abundance flow through all areas of your life. While there are no guarantees about how abundance should look in your life, it is also true that it is your birthright to have abundance flow that is aligned and true for you – whatever that looks like! BMW or bicycle, monastery or mansion, it doesn’t matter. The key is honest integrity to your truth, wisdom, and true nature.
So when you know you are not in flow, here’s a starting point to diagnose where that dam is in your river. Think of the river as flowing through seven parts of you. If there’s a wound, story, energy, etc. stuck at any one of these levels, it interrupts the flow.  
Seven Levels of Divine Abundance Flow

  1. Spiritual – embracing Divine Abundance as Divine Love
  2. Mindset – clearing old beliefs about money, time, energy
  3. Emotions – liberating hurt about scarcity
  4. Soul – liberating soul memory or imprints about scarcity
  5. Family & culture – identifying and releasing collective beliefs and habits
  6. Body – rewiring survival conditioning
  7. Action – taking new action in alignment with your Inner Wisdom

There are a few ways to use these seven levels to help you figure out where the block is.
Option 1: Simply sit with each of the seven levels. Where do you feel, sense, or hear a block or resistance to flow? Some of you will have immediate awareness of where the glitches are in your system.
But when that doesn’t work, here’s a more detailed method.
Option 2: Use the seven inquiry questions below as a starting point (you can ask additional questions later). Ask each question, one at a time, and hold it in your mind, heart, and body. Can you say unconditional YES to each question? Wherever you get push back, static, or some form of no – that’s likely the source of the dam in the river.
Seven Inquiry Questions to Identify a Block to Flow

  1. Spiritual: Do I have an unconditional yes to Divine Abundance?
  2. Mindset: Is my mind free of all old beliefs and conditioning about scarcity and abundance?
  3. Emotions: Are my emotions free from old wounds of worthiness or enough-ness around abundance?
  4. Soul: Do I know in my soul that I have all that I need and all is held in Love?
  5. Family & culture: Am I free from untrue collective or familial beliefs around money?
  6. Body: Am I free from survival fear reactions about scarcity?
  7. Action: Are my actions in alignment with Wisdom and Truth?

Some of you are going to go through these seven areas and quickly realize that there are one or two areas of glitch where old software is still running. We can then target those areas and upgrade that software.
Others of you are going to go through these seven areas and feel like almost all seven need an upgrade! That can feel overwhelming, but I want you to trust two things: 1. Your Inner Wisdom, and 2. Time. Your Inner Wisdom can guide you through the process, path, and priorities. For example, you can ask Inner Wisdom, “What is the area I need to address first? What’s the first, most true thing to do next? What is the next most true thing after that?”
Then, over time, you will find that your relationship to abundance gradually changes. Once you get momentum on those changes, you’ll notice little miracles; your external world will seem to effortlessly shift. In other words, without blocks and dams in the river, abundance can flow as it needs to in your life.
What are you discovering as you play with these seven levels and ask the inquiry questions? I’d love to hear from you. Wherever you are stuck, there are a lot of resources on both my blog and online store to help you. And if you need more targeted support, consider a 1:1 session with me.
With all my heart, I wish you blessings for aligned abundance flow in your life!

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