When you are feeling stuck, frustrated, at your edge, and you can’t figure out the way out or forward, and the things you’ve been trying aren’t working… then it’s probably time for a paradigm shift.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines paradigm shift as, “An important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.”
Another definition: A paradigm shift happens when you change your fundamental relationship to yourself or your life. As soon as you can see things in a new way, then you see new options and possibilities. Then you can make different choices. And then, voila! You are in a different reality, a very different experience of life.
I love paradigm shifts because they invite new possibilities. I love them because I know they are guaranteed to bring lasting, sustainable change. I actively invite them the moment I notice that I’m in a rut in some way.
Paradigm shifts have catalyzed me to awaken, heal childhood trauma, make radical career changes, heal my body, and meet and marry my husband.
There are clear signs that you are ready for paradigm shift. They differ for each person in each situation, but here’s a list of symptoms that I’ve observed that beg for a paradigm shift:

  • Feeling like you’ve had enough, you are done
  • Feeling like you’ve tried everything else and you are at your wits’ end
  • Regularly noticing simmering anger or resentment about your situation
  • Feeling choked, stifled, or stuck
  • Recognizing that nothing you have done in the past is helping and you need something new

A paradigm shift can happen when you are so done with your circumstances that you finally let go of trying to control it and you surrender. At that special moment, you are open to possibilities that you weren’t open to before.
I have witnessed more paradigm shifts than I can count (and relish them all), but here are a few samples to inspire you:

  • Embracing a more empowered relationship to career that leads to a better job and more abundance flow.
  • Understanding that changing external relationships starts with changing your relationship to yourself; this leads to better communication, connection, and intimacy in partnership.
  • Relinquishing old co-dependent behavior and giving yourself permission to rebirth your friendships and other relationships; this leads to attracting new, more aligned friends and healing/upgrading old friendships.
  • Getting clarity that you are not your thoughts, feelings, and actions; which leads to greater awareness of Divine Source within you and all around you.
  • Bringing love to every pocket of your body and nourishing your body in ways you never have before; this leads to physical healing and an experience of radiance.
  • Deciding you no longer want to be a prisoner of your family’s conditioning and abusive behavior, thus starting a new path of healing; this leads to feeling more freedom, light and love.

Paradigm shifts lead to miracles. The end results are amazing – better health, relationships, work, abundance, happiness, awakening, etc. But one precious gem is that a paradigm shift brings you into greater alignment with who you really are.
You are born in purity as your essence, your essential self. Then you go through a process of forgetting that as your essential nature gets covered up by conditioning, culture, and confused conclusions. This is further compounded by a common belief that the past dictates your future. But when you start to change things from the inside out and embrace your authentic self, then you break free of that conditioning, wounding, and limited perspective. You embrace a new true you.  You embrace what’s really possible for you in this lifetime.
The magic can start to happen the moment you identify that you are ready for a paradigm shift and you choose to open up to new solutions. You will then start to seek or invite the right perspective, insights, and support to help you through a time of powerful and sustainable change.
When have you experienced paradigm shifts in your life? Are you ready for another paradigm shift? What would help you make that shift?

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