I feel passionate about sharing the Truth of Love because I see over and over again how holding back love limits my clients and students. It’s a strange experience to watch them hurt when a key part of their solution is literally at their fingertips, immediately available to them, but they think they can’t see it, access it, receive it, etc.

I feel blessed that I get to give you the good news – Divine Love is ever present and abundant. I know you felt like you lost it. I know you felt like it has been taken away from you or withheld from you, or maybe that it doesn’t even exist the way you hoped it did. But I can promise you, because I have walked through the fire of doubt and fear over and over again myself, that the Love is here. It’s been trying to get your attention. But it’s doing it in a way that maybe you don’t expect, or you don’t recognize, or maybe you are afraid to believe is real.

I am called to help you hear Love’s call. I am called to help you remember what’s already deep in the Wisdom of your Heart.

I see in you that you have extraordinary potential to know Divine Love and allow it to transform your life, one piece at a time. I want to help you realize that potential.

This article, “The Tricky Mystery of Divine Love” is designed to inspire you to courageously walk the path of heart awakening. If you would like to go deeper, join me on February 9, 2017 for a free teleseminar – “Awaken Your Heart to Abundant Love.”


The Tricky Mystery of Divine Love

Divine Love is a mystery. It defies everything our human bodies experience about love with our five senses.

Divine Love isn’t visible. We don’t touch it, taste it, hear it in the same way we can with human love.

Divine Love isn’t contained in a form. It is everywhere, all the time. It moves through individuals, it is within individuals. But it’s not limited to one person or a few people.

Divine Love isn’t bound by time. It isn’t conditional – here at some times and not at others. Divine Love is a consistent, constant presence; so constant, it can be easy to miss.

Maybe the hardest truth of all — Divine Love isn’t earned. You do absolutely nothing to deserve it. It Is. It is for you. It is part of you. It is part of everything.

When I experienced Heart Awakening, I remember being shocked when I saw I had been aware of Divine Love my whole life but didn’t trust it because I kept waiting for an answer to the question, “Am I worthy?” I realized that was an irrelevant question and I had been waiting for something that would never come. I needed to see, accept and embrace Love now.

Every time I journey with my clients deep into early childhood, at some point a shocking memory surfaces for them and they say, “When I was born, I knew love! I knew that love was possible.” And then some version of a heart-breaking story ensues, such as, “But my parents kept rejecting love, turning away from it… I thought maybe I would never experience love here on this earth.”

When I hear this, it confirms what I know in my heart. You came into this world knowing Divine Love. You didn’t question it or doubt it until your human experience seemed to show you something different. That means that still, somewhere deep in your heart, is this knowledge of Love and its abundance, constancy, and capacity.

It is much easier to access what you already know and allow it to emerge, rather than learn something completely foreign to you. And what I see repeatedly is that awakening to Divine Love is much more natural than you might ever think it will be – because it is already within. It might seem foreign to you, but I want to help you get in touch with the deeper river of memory and knowing that is already in your heart.

I invite you to look beyond the catalog of your human experiences where you didn’t get the love you needed and deserved from other humans.

I invite you to look deeper into your heart and the heart of life. I invite you to allow yourself to receive this abundance that is already here.

What would it give you to remember that love is endless, ever-present and abundant?

How would you feel different about yourself? Your relationships? Your life? Your connection to God or your awakening journey?

What does your Inner Wisdom know about Divine Love?


Thank you so much for reading. I would love to hear the answers to the inquiries above, so please email me and share your insights. And thank you also for sharing this article with your community.

Blessings for your awakening and all facets of your life and journey.


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