I often receive questions about the roles that spiritual teachers play, and I hear a lot of heartbreaking stories about teachers abusing authority and power in some way, sometimes subtle but still painful. A few months ago, after a series of dialogues with clients about various teachers, I was moved to spontaneously create three videos about how teachers are imperfect, about the best role you can play with a teacher, and about true inner authority and power. Check in with your inner wisdom – can these videos serve you at this time? Could they be affirming, clarifying or supportive for others you know? Please feel free to forward them on.

Confusion abounds about true and aligned relationships between teachers and students. I’ve spent many years (over a decade now) supporting both students and their teachers to be in greater alignment with wisdom, truth, and authority. I wanted to share with you these three videos to help clarify the roles of teachers, teachings, authority, and power.

As you listen, be sure to drop into your inner wisdom to receive your own unique insights and ah-has for yourself that I wouldn’t even think to mention.

The first video talks about the limitations and imperfections of awakening teachers. It might just bust any illusions you have of their supposed perfection and take teachers off of magical pedestals! Watch here or click on this link: https://youtu.be/gKIm1rcC8kY

The second one talks about how students unintentionally create conflict with teachers by asking their teachers to play roles that aren’t in their job description. Watch here or click on this link to watch: https://youtu.be/XgqkY2Vw9Fc

The third video empowers you to own your true, beautiful, inner authority and inner teacher – and how that can actually create an even more amazing relationship with external awakening teachers. Watch here or click on this link to watch: https://youtu.be/sQyGZQjFz5E

What does your inner wisdom know? If you’re moved to share, I’d love to hear about your unique insights about your relationship to authority, teachers, your path, etc. And feel free to share these videos to those in your life who could benefit from them. Thank you!




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