Years ago, in the middle of the night, I had a startling and spontaneous awakening to Divine Abundance. Ever since, I’ve been on a journey to know the pure essence of Divine Abundance and live in its flow in an embodied way.  From my personal and my clients’ experiences, I’ve learned that certain things can activate both abundance awakening and a daily experience of abundance flow.

I wanted to offer these keys to you so you can start playing with them and practicing them right away. Even if you explore one of these deeply, that is a gift, and if you are called to explore all of them, that will accelerate your journey further. Trust your Inner Wisdom to guide you.

Key 1: Create a Daily Divine Abundance Practice
Divine Abundance is inherent to you. Deep within you, you already know the presence and flow of Divine Abundance. To make this knowing fully conscious and to live it every day, it helps to create a daily practice.

This daily practice could be many things – the bottom line is that it has to be expansive, inviting, and aligned for you. Here are some possibilities for your daily practice:

  • Gratitude practice: Offer gratitude for the many kinds of abundance in your life
  • Abundance meditation: In your meditation, open to the presence Divine Love and Abundance; feel it’s pulsing presence within you and all around you
  • Prayers of intention: Offer a true prayer from your heart that you say yes to knowing, experiencing, and receiving abundance
  • Inquiry: Ask Inner Wisdom and Universal Wisdom to show you the truth of Divine Abundance

Ask Inner Wisdom in your heart: “What best supports me to awaken to Divine Love and Abundance?”

Key 2: Create a Radically Honest Relationship With Money, Time and Energy
In the last article about abundance, I talked about the multitude of illusions and stories we project onto money. You can start claiming your life back and owning your authentic, true relationship with money by being radically honest.

Here are some tips for creating this honest relationship:

  • Don’t believe everything you think and feel about money, time and energy; find out what’s really true. My teacher used to ask us, “If someone were to cut off your head if you told even the slightest lie, what would you say?” Ask the voice of Wisdom inside your heart: “What’s really true?”
  • Have compassion for your past, wounds, and emotions; they need love and wisdom so they can be liberated. Simultaneously, know that you are not bound by your past hurts or conditioning. You can embrace a new reality.
  • Get clear on your priorities; stop blaming your decisions on time, money and energy. We have a cultural habit to blame the neutral elements of money, time and energy for all kinds of things in our lives. Instead, ask Wisdom, “What is my true priority? What am I called to do? Where does the flow of life take me?” This is a much more empowering relationship to time, money and energy.

Key 3: Selflessly Receive
It’s not ego to receive abundance. True receiving of abundance is actually a humbling, selfless act. You are allowing the Divine to move through you, as you.

Saying, “Oh no, I don’t deserve that,” is actually a form of arrogance. What are we doing rejecting a gift from God, as if we know better? So give yourself permission to put the conditioning aside and selflessly receive.

When you receive in this way, you become a conduit for the flow of Abundance and Love. When you receive more, you effortlessly share more. It is a beautiful, loving gift.

This practice has been one of the most powerful healing practices of my journey. It has brought me to my knees multiple times and has allowed me to expand more in love, Presence, Consciousness and flow. How could the practice of Selfless Receiving transform your life?


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