Years ago, my teacher, Adyashanti, talked about how awakening happens in the mind, heart and gut. It’s truly remarkable how many people are having mind and heart awakenings every day. But fewer people awaken in the gut, in the body. I have also learned that most people simply need an invitation and support to awaken in the body. I think many people don’t even know it’s possible. I’m writing this article today to open a doorway of possibility for you, and reflect back to you the innate Divine Love you have in your body right at this very moment.


Beyond the ideas of the body, and below the physical sensations, joy, and limitations, the Source of All Life pulses and breathes within you. It is that Divinity that is living within you every day. Some of you have already experienced it and felt the peace and love. It is here always.


My personal experience of body awakening was different from the awakening of the heart and mind because it wasn’t marked by one or a series of awakening events. Awakening in the body for me was gradual… as if Consciousness moved ever deeper, down into my cells. Finally, it felt like Consciousness fully came home and rested in my body. I didn’t even realize what had happened until my teacher remarked on the change. But over time I noticed more changes and then had some surprising realizations.


One of the first things I noticed was a hum of peace in my body that had not been there before. I also noticed “trustless trust” in and for Divinity – I had no question or doubt left in my body.


Then something arose that surprised me. One by one, my deeply embedded, instinctive survival fears began coming up to get my attention. I sat with each one, bringing them into the wholeness and peace of Divinity. I had not known this was possible or that this could even be part of the awakening process.


Finally, one day I was sitting in meditation and I realized with shock that I had no idea what it meant to live in a human body. I saw that all my experience of being in a body up to that point came with stories, projections and filters – the story that the body is separate from God, the story that the body is unholy or unworthy, etc., etc. I was suddenly in the pure presence of Life Force in a body. It was then that I knew that I was embarking on a whole new journey without a map. What does it mean to live and flow as Divinity in a body?


It is this question that underlies the great exploration of every day of my life. Each day is different, but the unwavering love and peace of Source is the steady, constant presence throughout.


I’ve had the great blessing of supporting many people to awaken in the body and I can tell you that every person’s experience is gorgeously unique. There is a miracle in your body that is just waiting for you to receive it. The miracle is this luminous, loving creation that is living within you, living as you. You don’t have to create anything, succeed at anything, or achieve anything. You just have to say yes and receive the gift within. With love I ask you – will you open to receive it?


I have been called to offer these teachings at this time because I sense and feel the opening waiting to happen within you. With love, I support you unconditionally to explore the Divinity in every cell of Life, including your body.



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