On my awakening journey, I discovered something radical about the body that I couldn’t have even imagined when I was growing up. Deep in the cells, in the essence and core of my body, I discovered the Source of all life. I discovered that I was inherently whole, one with Divinity. I realized my body is an expression of infinite love.

Once I saw this within myself, I couldn’t help but see it in all things. I see that you are one with God. You are Whole. You are Love. You are the living, breathing, expression of Divinity.

If you look to your day-to-day life and the experience of the body, it sure may not seem very divine or special. But one of the keys to awakening is learning to look beyond the surface and to a deeper truth of God and Life.

When I discovered the inherent Wholeness, Love, and Consciousness within, it changed my relationship with my body. I had spent most of my life up to that point at odds with my body in some way or another. When I came face to face with Divine Truth, I had to drop the fight with my body.

This opened the door to a whole new experience of meeting limitations from Divine Wholeness, Love, Oneness, and Wisdom.

The truth is that no matter how awake you are, you are still going to have certain limitations. You’re going to get colds, be too short to reach a shelf or too tall to get through a doorway, feel too hungry or too stuffed, sleep too much or not enough. You are going to be too big to fit into some jeans and too small to fit into others. You might twist an ankle while running or you might need glasses. Limitation is part of living in a physical body.

What we do with those limitations is the key to living awakening, living as one with the Divine, in Wisdom and Love.

The limitations do not imprison you. The limitations aren’t actually about you. They aren’t a measure of your value, worth, or wholeness.

Limitations are just part of the experience in this world of form. And something intriguing happens when we perceive our limitations from Wholeness and Oneness. By perceiving our limitations differently, we begin to respond to limitations differently. And when we respond to our limitations differently, we start to create new pathways of possibility.

This experience continues to amaze me. One of the joys of my work is hearing from clients and students about the remarkable changes that result from relating to life from Divine Love and Truth.

Recently a client told me a beautiful story about meeting extraordinary limitations in her life. Her husband has advanced Parkinson’s Disease, and his illness has progressed into signs of dementia and depression. She is his primary caregiver, and understandably has felt exhausted and overwhelmed at times by the care he needs.

But this client doesn’t buy into stories of limitations. She sees them and accepts them. She also sees the Love, Truth, and Divine Potential underneath the limitations.

Through our sessions and her own inquiry, she expanded her relationship with Divine Love and Light. She found that Love wanted to flow through her with greater lightness, ease, and joy. So she began engaging with her husband with a greater sense of sacred play and love. Once she began making this shift, over the following weeks she reported less about exhaustion, frustration, and overwhelm. She reported more about the discoveries and delights of her life.

Though she made this shift because it was true and aligned for her, her actions had a glorious unintended effect. Her husband’s experience of his health changed. In his love and trust for her, he was able to see beyond his cycle of depression, reaction, and fatigue. He was able to receive her love and joy. He could connect again to the sacredness and play of life. He changed his relationship to his illness and day-to-day struggles.

Though nothing has fundamentally changed with his Parkinson’s disease, his experience of it has changed so profoundly that when his daughter (an MD) came home to visit, she exclaimed, “Wow! He’s so much better. He’s like he was two years ago!” This is a fascinating example of how changing our relationship to limitations changes the experience of limitations.

No matter where you think you are on the awakening journey, something deep within you right now knows your inherent, Divine Wholeness, Oneness, and Love. What possibilities might open up for you when you meet physical limitations from the depth of Divinity within you?


Blessings for discovering the Oneness and Wholeness within, and a new relationship to limitations!

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