Become a New Human at Work Retreat-at-Home



When you begin awakening, it can feel painful to put on your old ego-based work persona that no longer fits you and leave Awakened Awareness at home. Since most of us spend so much time working, the farther along we are on the awakening journey, the more critical it becomes to integrate Wisdom and Consciousness at work.


Any work conflicts you have – internal or external – are important signposts. They show you areas in which you can liberate your perceptions and habits to be more aligned with your natural Divine Potential. Work can inspire profound awakening and support you to be a new, loving human every day.


In this retreat-at-home program, you will learn to:


  • Maintain your connection to Divine Inner Wisdom and Awakened Awareness at work, even in stressful circumstances
  • Transform work challenges into gateways to awakening
  • Embrace the most true, alive, and authentic expression of your unique work in the world
  • Activate your truest divine potential in your work


Topics of the recorded classes include:

  • How to access your True Divine Nature at work
  • Seeing and activating your true gifts
  • Making difficult decisions from Wisdom and Truth
  • Liberating work relationships
  • Empowering a new relationship with leadership and True Authority


This program includes:

  • Six .mp3 class recordings
  • Transcripts of all the recordings
  • Program guide

…Plus SIX bonsues!

  • Bonus: “Christ Consciousness in the Corporate World” class recording by Gabriella Barr
  • Bonus: “Expand Awakening: True Nature” recording
  • Bonus: “Expand Awakening: Presence and Flow” recording
  • Bonus: “I Am Not a Monk: Working and Making Money While Waking Up” PDF e-book
  • Bonus: “Daily Practice to Become a New Human” e-book guide
  • Bonus: “Your Unique Soul Code: Unlocking Your Divine Potential” mini e-book


“I can not even begin to express how beautiful and profound last night’s session was. My body was on fire! Right now I’m feeling your presence… thank you!!!” ~ M.B., Grants writer


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