Embody Awakening: Retreat at Home Program


Do a deep dive into living awakening in every area of your life through this structured retreat-at-home program. This includes 7 Embody Awakening recordings, additional resources, and as a bonus gift, the full product of Expand Awakening, including 13 recordings and two e-books.


God is offering you a gift in every moment – the opportunity to awaken to the Divine within you and all around you. Are you called to receive that gift? You can truly, deeply and finally receive the gift when you integrate and embody awakening.

Embodying awakened awareness means that you are living awakened wisdom every day, in all aspects of life — thus transforming every area of your life and changing your fundamental understanding of what it means to be human.

When Consciousness permeates the cells of your body and the flow of your life, awakening becomes more than a great bliss experience. Awakening becomes more than a past moment of penetrating, transformative clarity. It becomes a living, breathing reality.

Living awakening brings your choices, relationships, and work into alignment with your True Self, higher self, and inner wisdom. You will live in greater love. You will liberate past wounds and hurts. You will end the silent suffering that ego confusion created. Embodying awakening is not about creating a perfect human or a perfect life; instead, awakened awareness empowers you to transform mistakes and challenges into even greater learning and evolution.

Don’t think for a moment that you can’t. Don’t think for a moment that you aren’t ready, that it’s not time for you, that you haven’t earned it or you aren’t good enough. Instead, understand and humbly accept that this is your birthright. Understand and know that if you are called to awaken, you are ready to awaken and live it. And the time is now.

Awakening and embodiment aren’t meant to be solo projects; it’s vital to have support and structure. Embody Awakening weaves together critical elements I’ve developed over the last ten years that support, catalyze, and activate your Awakened Wisdom to come forward and be alive every moment of your life, if you want it.

This Retreat-at-Home program is a compassionate, loving way for you to:

  • Understand and surrender ego confusion and the suffering that comes with it
  • Release the wounds and defenses around your heart so your true divine heart can sing in its natural, free state
  • Empower you to hear, feel, and act from the Truth of your awakened wisdom every day

This study-at-home program includes:

  • 7 Embody Awakening .mp3 recordings
  • Embody Awakening Program Guide
  • Embody Awakening article series


  • BONUS: All 13 recordings of Expand Awakening, featuring 13 different gateways to awakening and facets of the divine
  • BONUS: Expand Awakening article series
  • BONUS: Daily Practice to Become a New Human e-book

More About Bonus 1: Expand Awakening 13-recording program
Expanding Awakening is a critical first step. This program helps you open to 13 facets of the Divine and steep in them so deeply that it shifts you from the inside out. Each 90-minute recording explores a unique Gateway of the Divine, including: Presence & Flow, Nature, Infinite Love, Oneness, Awakening Teachers, the Physical Body, Peace & Stillness and much more. (value $350)

More About Bonus 2: Daily Practice to Become a New Human e-book
What supports you to live your spiritual truth in your life? This mini book provides wisdom, suggestions for practices and inquiry to help you build the right support, food, and practices that fit you now.

The full value for this whole program is $497, but I am offering this for only $250!


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