Expand Awakening! Retreat at Home Program


Retreat at Home Program with Sonya Amrita Bibilos

The Expand Awakening Program is a journey of exploring 13 different gateways and facets of Divine Consciousness! Read below to learn more, or receive this whole program for free when you purchase Embody Awakening Retreat at Home.



“Awakening happens when what is already awake begins to pierce through your conditioned mind.”

Awakening is the foundation of life for those on a spiritual path. This program is for you if you have tasted the freedom, grace and love of the Divine but hunger to Know the Infinite completely and totally in all aspects of your being. In this study at home program you will:

  • Expand your awareness of Oneness, the Infinite
  • Activate what is already awake within you
  • Deeply steep in many facets of the Divine, which will shift your consciousness and life from the inside out
  • Integrate your Divine Wisdom and Awakened Awareness into every day life

You are already awake, deep inside. Awakening happens when what is already awake begins to pierce through your conditioned mind. In this powerful program, I will draw from Universal Wisdom, my personal and my students’ awakening experiences, while also intuitively tuning into your highest wisdom and tailoring the talk and energy for you.

This unique program is not a meditation class; you will experience:

  • Targeted teachings – intuitively created for you, founded on the depth of my experience and working with hundreds of awakening beings
  • Structured and supported time to cultivate your wisdom and inner awakened teacher
  • An intentional, energetic container that supports you to expand in the Divine in the new ways. This energy will also infuse your home with the new, higher vibrations of your awakening consciousness.
  • Support from me and a community of fellow awakening beings to be in Presence; to break old ego habits; to expand in love; and to embrace your True Divine Nature

You will also receive recommended exercises to use between classes to support your integration.

Each 90-minute recording features a different gateway to awakening, designed to help you explore, steep and expand. These gateways include:

  • Wisdom
  • Oneness
  • The Mystery
  • True Nature
  • Presence & Flow
  • Peace & Stillness
  • Emptiness & Vastness
  • Infinite Love
  • Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Awakening Teachers
  • Body
  • Nature

In addition to these 13 recordings, you will also receive the following:

  • Guide to the Expand Awakening Program
  • Expand Awakening Article Series companion mini e-book – a collection of short articles that introduce different gateways.
  • Daily Practice for Becoming a New Human mini e-book – This mini book provides wisdom, suggestions for practices and inquiry to help you build the right support, food, and practices that fit you now.

** Receive this whole product for free when you purchase Embody Awakening Retreat At Home Program!”

Listen to a sample recording:

• “Just listened to the ‘Awakening Teachers’ recording for the first time this week and had such an incredible experience. Thank you so much for sharing this recording. It was so powerful, and I am so grateful to have been able to be called into the sacred space with each of you.” ~ H.L., yoga teacher

•  “I have so loved this series – it’s really meaningful and rich for me. It’s been so special to be on this journey with you and the others. Thank you for your beautiful leadership.” ~ KT, painter

“Yesterday’s class was very beautiful. I love the space that you hold, and the permission to rest in spaciousness, in a group, inside of my own home. Yes, there’s something about being amidst my daily life (rather than on retreat) while letting myself unfurl into The Expanse. I like it very much.” ~ M.L., writer


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