In the last article I described the Scarcity Paradigm and the difference between dealing with functional scarcity vs getting ensnared in your beliefs and reactions about scarcity.

The path out of the scarcity paradigm is different for each person and each situation. But here are some tried and true guiding principles to liberate you out of the paradigm. Each of the seven steps is intended to help you not just “fix” the scarcity issue but to help you to awaken out of ego illusion and transcend the Scarcity Paradigm.

Step 1: Realize that the scarcity isn’t about you.
The second you take scarcity personally and think it’s about you, scarcity sticks to you like glue. Remember it’s your beliefs (such as I’m a failure, unworthy, unlucky, a victim, screwed up, etc) that turn functional scarcity into a Scarcity Paradigm.

Instead, understand that scarcity is what’s happening. It’s not about you. Your choices may have contributed to this experience, but it’s not about you – it is not a reflection on who you really are or your inherent value or worth.

When you see this clearly, your ego will have less power and control. Then you will more fully access Divine Truth and Wisdom.

Step 2. Return to Source
God isn’t separate from your situation and you aren’t meant to go it alone. Go into meditation, prayer, or however you connect with Source. Be with Source, be as Oneness. Then ask for insight and guidance. Then listen. Listen for the voice of Divine Guidance and listen to the voice of Divine Inner Wisdom within you.

Ultimately, when you return to Source you also return to Divine Abundance, which is an expression of Source. It’s a hundred times easier to find solutions from an internal experience of Abundance, rather than from an internal experience of scarcity, fear, self-judgment, etc.

Step 3. See the Truth
Let Source and Inner Wisdom show you the truth about the situation. You can ask questions, such as —

  • What does my Inner Wisdom know about this situation?
  • If my head would be chopped off if I told even the tiniest lie, what would I say is the real truth of this situation?
  • What limiting beliefs are keeping this situation alive and active for me?

This step can feel surprisingly liberating. If you try to anchor yourself in the shifting sands of illusion then your anxiety will increase. When you see the truth, it can feel like a relief (even if you are facing a “hard truth”).

Step 4. Learn
Get curious. Let Source and Wisdom show you what this experience of scarcity is teaching you. Learn everything you can from it so you don’t have to repeat the experience and you can move forward in a new way.

Step 5. Heal
As you are learning from the situation, you will probably benefit from deeper healing. You might need emotional or energetic healing, and/or you might need a physical healing such as a massage or a stress detox! You may need to spend some time forgiving yourself or others in the situation so that you can be truly free.

Step 6. Open to Options and Possibilities
When you are grounded in truth, listening to Wisdom, and liberating your limiting beliefs, then your perception naturally opens up. You start to see options and possibilities that you hadn’t ever seen before. This is a necessary step before Step 7….

Step 7. Take new aligned actions
The same old actions won’t work. It’s time to take new actions from Truth. After going through the first six steps, you will probably naturally see new actions that you need to take and all you have to do is follow through. But if you still aren’t sure, then go into silence; ask Inner Wisdom questions such as, “What are the best next steps for me right now?” Then listen to what Wisdom has to say.

Most people, in their anxiety to fix the situation, want to jump straight to Step 7. But if you try to take action from confusion, hurt, stress, or desperation, it will keep you in the Scarcity Paradigm. You’ll just be throwing spaghetti at a wall, hoping it sticks. Plus you’re more likely to perpetuate the same underlying conditions that created the scarcity to begin with. It’s easier and more effective to go through the first six steps and come to clarity about the actions you really need to take. It’s also easier to take actions when you feel connected again with Source, when you are listening to the guidance of Inner Wisdom, and you have cleaned out all the lessons and pain that you were carrying.

Once you’ve completed all 7 steps, then rinse and repeat as needed. I recommend doing this process before things get painful! When my clients do this as a practice, they breeze through these steps and more quickly see options and take new actions – before they are overwhelmed with stress.

I hope these steps have inspired you to see some new possibilities for embracing Divine Abundance, Wisdom, and your true potential.


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