From time to time we all experience not being flush with various resources – people, support, money, time, energy, clean towels, gasoline, toothpaste, etc. These are the facts and realities of life. If you take the apparent scarcity of resources in the moment as just a fact of life, then you have immediate access to truth, wisdom, and action. It’s still uncomfortable, and it might be a pain in the ass, but you’ll most likely work through it. You might seek new people, ask for support, support yourself, ask for a raise or get new clients, reprioritize, get some sleep, do some inner work, do your laundry, or whatever it is that you need to do.

However, if your mind and emotions get a hold of the apparent scarcity of resources, and you make a story about them, then suddenly the apparent lack of scarcity hurts. A lot. It can be anything from really uncomfortable to downright excruciating. It might even torture you for weeks, months, or years.

When this happens, you have entered into a Scarcity Paradigm.

The Scarcity Paradigm is purgatory. It’s a place where you no longer feel that you are one with the Creator. You can feel out of resources, unloved, unsupported, or alone. You can feel disempowered and without options.

Curiously, it’s usually not the actual scarcity that hurts the most. What hurts the most is the story that you’ve made about it, such as, “I’m not worthy,” “I don’t have support,” “I always have to do things alone,” etc.

Most people experience the Scarcity Paradigm at some point. I observe that it seems to sneak up on people and grab them, even after awakening. You may not even realize that you are in a Scarcity Paradigm! It’s so common, you can fool yourself into thinking that this is just how life is.

To make things worse, the scarcity paradigm doesn’t just impact you – it impacts the people around you. You’ve all seen the bi-products of someone’s scarcity paradigm. They might show any or all of the following symptoms (or more):

  • Less likely to be generous
  • More jealous or competitive
  • Always late or canceling appointments
  • More stressed out and demanding
  • Emotional outbursts at colleagues, employees, loved ones

Unfortunately, the scarcity paradigm may not entirely be your fault. Your family or culture may have handed you the story of the scarcity paradigm. But it is 100% up to you to decide to live in it or break free from it.

No one needs to be imprisoned by a scarcity paradigm. You may not have a choice about your immediate lack of resources. You do have a choice about how you perceive it and respond to it.

There are three critical truths to help you break free from the Scarcity Paradigm.

1. You are meant to learn from the Scarcity Paradigm
Take advantage of everything that it is teaching you – and then get ready to let it go!

2. The Scarcity Paradigm is an opportunity, not a prison
On the other side of the experience is Wisdom, Truth, and connection to yourself, loved ones, and Source.

3. You are meant to break free from the Scarcity Paradigm
As you learn the lessons, heal whatever needs to be healed, and come back into harmony with yourself again, you will find that your inner and outer experience is more expanded and free. Your True Nature is freedom, love, and abundance.

Take a moment to drop into your Inner Wisdom – what does your Wisdom know about the Scarcity Paradigm – and true freedom in Love and Abundance?



Make a commitment to be in truth and abundance! Read part 2, “Seven Steps to Free Yourself From the Scarcity Paradigm”.


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