One of my greatest heartbreaks is watching my students and friends I love dearly hold themselves back from heart awakening because they think they can’t, or they aren’t worthy, or that they have to jump through some hoop to get there. Sometimes they know Divine Love – but they don’t trust it, don’t believe that it can be there when they need and want it most.

You Are Love. You don’t have to hold yourself separate from Divine Love any longer. It’s not something out there in the distance that maybe one day you will attain. It’s something that is right here in this moment, in your body.

I’ve had the great gift of being present for many of my clients and students’ heart awakenings. There are two consistent reflections that I have heard from them:

  1. Love is vast and has always been here
  2. They knew this when they were born.

It is my experience that you came here knowing this love. It was a series of disappointing, heart breaking, or hurtful experiences that made you doubt what you knew. You grew your conditioned heart on top of this knowing. I invite you to restore yourself to this knowing, to the true awakened heart within you.

Take a step into a new beginning, a new era of love in your life. God is giving you a gift every day – boundless love without conditions. Will you humbly receive this gift? Will you receive who you truly are? I invite you to receive this love and the immense Grace that comes from it.


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