Most people don’t realize their full potential. They often play below their potential, stuck in some safety zone of status quo that they learned from their families, friends, or communities. Here’s what I know about you: You are unique. Your devotion to your spirituality and evolution makes you especially unique. Thus, what’s possible for you right now might be quite different than what’s possible for the people you grew up with. The question is – are you taking advantage of your capacity and true potential? Are you setting intentions and goals that are aligned with who you really are?

I’m not just talking about creating new habits. I’m talking about creating a new paradigm for yourself; creating radical change in your spiritual path, relationships, abundance, work, or health. I’m talking about taking your growth and evolution to the next level. 

Unless you are right where you want to be (and if you are, hallelujah!), you are most likely craving this change. Give yourself the gift of saying yes to the change you crave.

I encourage you to vision and execute a bold new vision for the new year. Humanity isn’t getting better by doing the same old things, and the well-worn ego ruts don’t get you very far. So why not try visioning something new, true, alive, vivid, interesting, courageous? Why not vision from the most expanded, wise, loving awareness in you?

This can look like anything; it just has to be true, aligned, and authentic for you. That could look like:

  • Creating a new paradigm for awakening, health, well being (see my article on Paradigm Shifts)
  • Creating a new project, venture, business, etc. 
  • Learning a new language, business skills, dance steps, nutrition, spiritual practice, etc. 
  • Nurturing more meaningful, attuned relationships
  • Taking your spiritual path to the next level. That could include silent retreat, more meditation, more ritual or devotional practice, etc.
  • Expanding into greater abundance and healing blocks to abundance (see my article on diagnosing abundance blocks)
  • Committing to your healing journey and getting the right support (practitioners, tools, and dedicated time)
  • Creating new health and self care rituals
  • All of the above, or
  • ________________ [fill in the blank with your creative, authentic vision]

Here’s one thing I know: The universe can’t say yes until you set intention and say yes. 

Why Your Brain Limits Your Vision
Your brain has an inner librarian. She catalogs your life experience, history, family history, and what others’ have accomplished in their lives. She’s incredibly useful when you want to reference anything that has happened in the past, or when you want to repeat something you’ve done before. 

But the librarian sucks at creating something new, because that’s not her job. Her job is to catalogue, organize, and help you find the memories. When you want to create something bold and new, the librarian absolutely cannot help you. Yet, out of habit, most humans look first to their inner librarian for a reference of what they can create in the present. 

If you want to create a bold new vision and create what you really want to experience in this lifetime, you have to bow to the librarian, bow to your past, and then turn your full focus to Wisdom, Love, and Creativity and decide to create something completely new. 

Why It is Normal for you to Create Something New

Please remember:

  • You are not your parents, siblings, friends, etc.; you are completely unique
  • You are no longer in your past circumstances; you now have capacity, consciousness, awareness, tools, resources, people, and wisdom that you have never had before
  • The more you commit to awakening and surrendering ego, the more you can see and take advantage of possibilities. The ego is predictable. Consciousness is one with Creation – the literal creative energies that create the universe. Its potential is endless.

Thus it is normal for you to create something new. You are supposed to leave the old scripts behind. Do not hold yourself back!

Ways You Can Create a Bold, New Vision
If you have ways that you use to create bold, new visions, then do those and skip to the end of this article. If you would like some new ideas, here are a few options to get you started. 

1. Go to the Source. You don’t create a true, bold vision in a vacuum. You create it as Oneness with Life Force. You can inquire: How does Life Force through and as me want to create something new this year? What does that look/feel like?

2. Start with silence. What would happen if you went to the woods, ocean, a sanctuary, or a quiet place in your home and you started with stillness and silent meditation? Creation starts in stillness; your new beginnings can too. 

3. Set an intention to fulfill your true potential. What defines your potential doesn’t come from your mind, it comes from Wisdom and Love. You can start with an intention such as,  “I invite Wisdom within me and Wisdom all around me to show me the highest, most aligned vision of what I can create this year.” Another intention I sometimes use is, “May I fulfill my fullest divine potential, whatever that may be and whatever that might look like.”

4. Play with inquiries. It can help if you ask the right questions that open the doorways to wisdom and possibilities. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • (Ask inner wisdom) What is my true potential for this year? What is my evolutionary growth edge?
  • What have I been craving? How can I give that to myself this year?
  • How can I support myself to execute/embody my intentions? Who else can support me?

5. Get creative. Sometimes visions and inner guidance don’t come in a linear way; you may not always be able to sit down in front of your computer and type them out, unless you already know what they are. You can get incredibly creative in receiving, seeing, and feeling your vision. That might look like creating a vision board, drawing images or writing words with colored pencils and paint, or drawing in the sand. Play and creativity can be immediate access points to the Divine.

6. Be bold; stay aligned. There’s a difference between fantasy and bold vision. Fantasy is great and has its purpose; but for the function of this article, it’s not what we’re going for. Fantasy doesn’t solve for grounded alignment; it explores the edges of imagination. So for the purposes of creating and manifesting something new, I encourage a combination of boldness and alignment. Boldly open to a new vision of what’s possible. Boldly push your threshold of what you can experience or receive this year. And feel that alignment with your inner wisdom, integrity, and higher self. If your vision feels aligned, even if good-scary, then you are on the right track!

Your Year – and Life — are In Your Hands
We can’t predict what’s going to happen later this year or even later on today! There are many events and forces that we don’t have control over. The good news is that this isn’t about control. It is about taking empowered choice to say a clear, unequivocal YES to the things you want to say yes to this year. It starts with you, your intention, and your vision. Once you are grounded in that, then Life can take you on the journey and adventure that you truly need.

Blessings for a radiant year of love, light, and adventure. 

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